2.05.12.Na Kherson inexplicably killed fish and insects


2.05.12.V Hola Prystan near the lakes garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz", resting over the weekend opened beach season.

The water temperature in these shallow lakes on the route Skadovskaya was above 20 degrees. Adults and children of the garden communities "Amber" and "Quartz" happy hours frolicking in the water.

However, before this, had to clear the shoals of thousands of dead carp and perch. The entire surface of the lake for several days covering the dead fish. Basically — it fries, no more than 5 cm impression that landed in the lake lightning and suddenly destroyed all the inhabitants. Summer residents drew attention to the fact that the lake water ceased to approach dogs and livestock.

Something similar was observed on the day and in the village Chernyanka, Kakhovka district. There rescue officers helped clean the area near the local lake and pond itself from a huge number of dead for unknown reasons mosquitoes. The dead midges covered a large area. Insects lay along the shore for a distance of 3 meters from the water and 2 meters — in the water.

Layer of dead mosquitoes on the bank reached 5 cm thick. Upon arrival, rescuers took up shovels, mosquitoes collected in bags and burned. Later on this place sent equipment and digging area.

What caused the death of insects and fish, is still unknown.

Source: Kherson News

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