20.03.12.Massovy deaths of camels in Kazakhstan


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ASTANA, March 20 — news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan. More than 50 heads of camels fell in one of the farms Beineu region of Mangistau region, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.

Loss of cattle registered on March 16-17.

"According to preliminary data of initial evaluation, the main cause of mortality was poisoning camels hay," — said in a statement on Tuesday.

As explained in the report, the head of the farm hay fed camels brought from Atyrau region in a total of 25 rolls.

"After feeding hay to the 67 camels are in koshara total, 16 March fell 25 goals, and on March 17 was registered 31 more camel case", — the report indicates.

Veterinarians together with specialists of health surveillance carried out under the supervision of the Commission of burial of dead animals.

"Selected patmaterialy and samples of feed (hay and water) is delivered to the National Reference Center of Veterinary Medicine. Currently, laboratory studies are ongoing to establish the final diagnosis, "- said the agency.

Source: IA News-Kazakhstan

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