20th series of experiments on vremyavospriyatiyu




9-11 April 2004 on the eve of Cosmonautics Day were the next experiments vremyavospriyatiyu in a closed space and stressful situation. In experiments conducted in Staritskys Caves (Tver region) involved 10 people. "Kosmopoisk" these studies have been conducted 20 times (and the 5th time in Staritskys caves). Experiments were conducted to study the ability of a person to navigate the surrounding space and time, and to improve the methods of training used in the "Kosmopoisk." Some results of these long-term experiments have been described in the book "Secrets and The Time Paradox." One of the significant findings — were able to understand the algorithm of subconscious human responses to loss of orientation, and then managed to come up with concrete advice to people who are lost in the woods, or any other setting.


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