25 people were killed in a landslide in the Philippines


01.05.12. Mudflow descended on the town in the south of the country on Thursday night, January 5. More than 100 people are still under the rubble.

The landslide came down in the region of Mindanao in the southern Philippines in the early morning of Thursday, January 5. Under heavy debris flow was buried Pantukan town, which is mostly inhabited by workers at mine sites and their families.

At the scene, directed all the operational services of the district. About 120 soldiers arrived to find survivors and victims.

At the moment, one of the 25 people killed, 100 trapped under the rubble. The regional authorities have warned residents of the potential danger, some residents left the area before the landslide.

In April 2011 in the same area as a result of the disaster killed at least 20 people and dozens are still missing.

Philippines continue to experience the consequences of the previous disaster, when devastating floods have killed more than 1,250 people last December.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Source:  Life News Online

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