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27.03.12.V Scherbinovskiy area experienced massive fish kills. As we reported earlier, in the lower reaches of the river Her, one of the lagoons, almost all of the fish died. The exact causes of the incident are not yet known.

Here the fish is gone. Across the surface of the water nightmare any fisherman and environmentalist — hundreds of thousands of birds dead fish.

— Carp and individuals a kilogram, and a half! — Says Vladimir Goncharenko, Inspector of Fisheries.

The first saw the tragedy unfolded fishing by local residents. Horrified even the old-timers: this in their memory was not. The first version — the fish died due to the abnormally cold winter. Ice kept for two months, in the fifty to sixty centimeters thick. The course is very weak, and the fish could suffocate from lack of oxygen and active in the local waters of hydrogen sulfide.

Her — is the longest and abounding in Azov-Kuban River Valley and the second longest river Kuban. However, the overall slope of the fall and Eu are small, and therefore a very slow. Hence the many ills Eu, which adds the ubiquitous human hand.

One of the probable, and can, and the root causes plague fish eclogues and staff rybohrany called numerous dikes and dams in the upper reaches of the river. The flow in the Eu slow, and now many hand sections of the river makes it difficult for tenants inflow of fresh water. Private vodovladeltsy dig, so to speak, for themselves: create their own ponds and raise the water level in them, as you like.

— The situation is certainly worse: every five kilometers from Krylovsky area above the dam face. This situation should be handled by the Department of Environmental Resources, the prosecutor, — said Sergey Semernyuk, chairman Scherbinovsky District Society of Hunters and Fishermen.

Already been in place, scientists, water samples for analysis. The local authority says that is not going to lower it to the emergency brake and seek punishment of the perpetrators.

— Now rybinspektsiya doing this, Novorossiysk prosecutors who engaged in conservation. While we did not see them, but the letter sent there — said Nikolai Gusev, chief of Civil Defense and Emergency Administration Scherbinovsky district.

However, recognize the local people in this situation has its advantages. The dead fish — it's basically a predator: carp, carp, pike. And it is less than, the more likely the fry of valuable species (roach and perch) survive and go to the Sea of Azov.

By the way, fish kills due to oxygen starvation this year recorded in many regions of Russia. RB conducted on reservoirs rescue. And in the Yaroslavl region so that the fish rose to the surface because of the lack of oxygen, used by fishermen. On the day of their catch was 50-60 pounds. Fish kills are also observed in the Lipetsk region. In Rostov death inhabitants Tsimlyansk reservoir was prevented. There volunteers drilled holes in the ice and inserted into their reeds. In this way they deliver oxygen at the bottom of the fish pond.

Vitaly Pluzhnikov

Source: STRC "Kuban"

26.03.12.V one of the lagoons at the mouth of the river Her, local residents found thousands of dead fish — carp, pike, carp and roach. According to the calculations of the local society of hunters and fishermen, environmental damage inflicted on millions of rubles.
Now, the federal government employs specialists and laboratory analysis of the SFD. They take samples of water and fish to study. According to a preliminary version of the biologists, the cause of death of fish was the recent extreme cold — on the estuary formed a thick layer of ice and the water there was a shortage of oxygen.

Source: Channel 9 Kuban,

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