27.08.12.V Ukraine will soon not be larks


27.08.12.Kievsky Ecological and Cultural Center warns that because of the massive use of dangerous poisons of the twentieth century, zinc phosphide, Ukraine will soon be left without larks, reports UNN

Zinc phosphide is used against rodents, poisons and grain. And, in rodents, affects about 100 other species of birds and animals. Of these, 30 species are already in the Red Book.

In the Red Book were the fault of the usual venom recently in Ukraine squirrels, hamsters, steppe eagles and cranes. Eating poisoned rodents and birds are killed and predators, as well as local people who collect them. Poison pollute underground water, which is why people get sick.

Zinc phosphide is strictly prohibited in the EU, as well as in Russia and Belarus.

Environmental organizations have started a campaign to ban all-Ukrainian zinc phosphide in Ukraine. Organizations by the Minister of Environment of Ukraine Stavitskaya letter to ban poison.

Source: News channel 24

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