28.03.12.Dve tons of dead fish were found in Yaroslavl


28.03.12.Okolo two tonnes of dead fish found experts "Verhnevolzhrybvoda" in the Breit area during a survey of the river Sit. This is the first effects of freeze, which can be seen today.

Ice was discovered while a small section of the river, but there are places where the fish is not enough oxygen, and she gasped, in the field a lot. Among the dead in this part of most of the City — the medium-sized roach weighing about seventy grams.

Oleg Kokorin, head of the regional department of the Yaroslavl FSBI "Verhnevolzhrybvod", "Young moved jamb, she stuffed in a narrow place, and if the level is cleared, it is in the narrow space of breath."

Journalist — Zoe Ryzhkov, operator — Vasily Mosin.

Source: "City TV" (Yaroslavl)

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