30.08.12.Padezh cattle Chishminskaya region of Bashkortostan. Video


30.08.12.Vsego one day in the village Saburovo killed nearly 20 head of sheep and goats. According to local residents, some of the local herd simply poisoned, and guilty of this former tenant farm land.

It all happened so fast, local residents said that they just did not do anything. They died very quickly. Some vomited blood before his death. Within hours of the local livestock herds fell by almost a quarter. If it was not a fluke, it could have killed all the cattle.

This field is a part of the land, which the local people rent one of the republican companies, however, nothing but weeds do not grow on them. Any notices or warnings that the field will be treated with chemicals Saburovo villagers, they said, did not. They claim that this was deliberate poisoning. The preliminary conclusion of veterinarians confirmed that version.

The Cold War between the tenant and landlord, said residents, lasts a long time. However, to activism to this day never came.

Comments second side of the conflict to us today were not available, however, it became known that she had to rent are a few acres of land, which covers an area of about 10 villages. And this case loss of cattle — not the only one.

Of the cattle people still managed to save, but the damage an individual farm, they said severely. Some people today lost all their livestock. Compensation for damage to people intend to pursue in court.

Murat Zaripov

Source: STRC "Bashkortostan",   Bashkir satellite TV

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