5.8 earthquake in New Zealand. Video


23.12.11.Zemletryasenie a magnitude of 5.8 occurred today in New Zealand. Its epicenter was 25 kilometers from the city of Christchurch in the South, which is severely affected by this disaster earlier this year.

This time, the tremors did not cause damage and casualties, but led to a power failure. Left without electricity for about 15 thousand people. The earthquake was suspended Christchurch International Airport. According to authorities, one person injured. It hit the store shelves.

Local residents were seriously scared:

"It was pretty quick, but sharp. Previously, I did not see him. I was afraid that the ceiling will collapse, but when I realized that this does not happen, I thought, well, when will it all end? "

"Trembled very much. In general, there were three earthquakes, and I can say that it was the strongest. All the time I was sitting on the floor. "

At the end of February in Christchurch earthquake with magnitude of 6.3. Disaster victims then became 180. Authorities called it the most tragic event in the history of the country.

Source: Euronews

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