7.05.12.V Lake Ishmael surfaced all the fish. Photo


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7.05.12.Segodnya fishermen and residents of Ishmael, whose homes are on the coast Lebiazhie (or dog, as it was called earlier) were shocked lake views of the water: it was entirely covered with dead fish.

Locals categorically assured us that the cause is — sewage discharge from the city reservoir, located on the lake. With the second lake, which does not go sink — no change: the water is clean, no dead fish floating.

Given that many izmailchane complained that on the eve of their homes in the taps was dirty water, really begs version — do not release it sanitation?

We have appealed to the representatives of the different services, to comment on the situation. But they set points at each other and nothing concrete to say they could not. Only the chief of inspection for improvement Marina Lapshin has officially stated that in the last month was not a single case of emissions from urban sewage into the main and natural reservoirs. Marina informed about the incident in Izmail environmental inspection of the Black Sea (Odessa), but the results yet.

Creates additional confusion and the fact that the decision of Izmail Lebyazhe Lake City Council referred to the environmental reserve fund. But somehow, no SES, no State Veterinary Service was not given until their comments.

His version of events put forward experts Ismail Territorial Department Fisheries:

— The main reason for what happened on Lebiazhy Lake — low water level in the Danube, — says a leading ichthyologist Ithor Natalia Radionova — it led to a lack of water exchange with the Danube, which in turn gave a sharp drop in the water level in the lake — on average it is 55 cm Add to this a high temperature — water in the lake today to warm up to 30 degrees. As a consequence: rotting algae, the release of hydrogen sulfide and the mass death of fish.

While this is just a version. Formally Lebyazhe lake, as an object of natural reserve fund is not included in the range of Izmail rybinspektsii. However:

— This morning — the chief Sergei Ithor Chupilko — we took water samples and specimens of aquatic biological resources from the disaster area and sent them for analysis to the laboratory for veterinary examination.

May 10 will be known the results of these analyzes, which Ithor send to appropriate services.

At Mayor Andrew Abramchenko — another version of what happened:

— This little lake repeatedly from the bottom there is an emission of methane, which led to the death of fish. This probably happened again …

Sergey Denisov

Source:  Ishmael news portal

The lake is still float nutria, but they face the death …

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