9.01.12.Massovaya fish kill in the South China Xijiang River


10.01.12.Bolshoe number of dead fish found on Monday in the Xijiang River in South China Guangdong province. This was reported by local authorities.

On the morning of January 9 in the River Si length of about 3 km in Jiangmen City found a large mass of dead fish. After 15 hours of the same day the number of dead fish was considerably reduced. On Tuesday, the new detections of dead fish are not fixed.

Following a preliminary investigation, it was possible that the cause of mass death of fish are insufficient oxygen content in the water or cold water.

Local authorities have started an emergency response operation for the disposal of dead fish. Is currently under further investigation into the incident.

Xijiang River is a major tributary of the Pearl River — the third the length of the rivers of China — and an important waterway which flows through the province of Guangdong.

Source: China Radio International

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