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VERIFICATION OF THE MIND: The Lion Galenkevich experienced action on the instrument's son

Mind on the type of meter is very simple. Two thick steel wires with spruce cones on the one hand and on the other spirals. The metal should be isolated from the hands of the researcher, so as dielectrics researcher Leo GALENKEVICH University of Mordovia, without thinking twice, adapted the usual pencils.

 Victor Likhachev,

correspondent of "EG" in Mordovia

Umometrom easy to handle. Priborchik enough to bring to mind the subject. Further, the inventor says, guinea mental energy will boost the movement, and the wire will begin to rotate. Means the ratio of the number of turns of human intellectual capacities. The greater the speed wire, topped with fir cones, clocked up around the head, the smarter its owner.

MEASURING THE MIND: fir cones — a key element duremera

The first experiment was conducted on Galenkevich buddy. Then remeasure the family. Scientist colleagues heard about the invention, not twisted wire, and finger to his temple. But then decided to get tested for same-Priborchik Mordovia nugget.

Description of the measuring instrument of the mind and the principle of its action in I found a very ancient oriental manuscripts — told Galenkevich. — It's no secret that there are things that are sensitive to the lepton fields emanating from the man. Under their influence metal objects to some people even stick! So there is nothing supernatural in the revitalization of the meter of the mind over the heads of the subjects do not.

The inventor put together an index of the average of the mind-mind: two and a half turns. The lowest was at the intellectual level of the students Galenkevicha. As he confessed teacher, student wire over the necks usually make only one round, and even then not always. And another interesting observation: on drunk and mentally ill priborchik not work.

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