A Chinese man in a panic bought six tonnes of salt


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24.03.11.Kak website said "Tszinchu" on March 17, in a burst of the so-called "salt panic," Guo, a resident of Wuchang, bought 6,500 kg of salt. Now that the panic subsided, he did not know what to do with so much salt.

Reportedly, the house Guo, a 20-meter room piled 260 bags iodine-containing salts. As he told Guo, March 17 he received a call relatives from other cities and reported that they have a package of salt rose to 8 yuan, and it is nowhere. He was convinced that the stores of his city also already bought most of the salt. Guo went to the distribution center, and with difficulty regained it 6500 kg of salt.

March 22, when he decided to bring back salt wholesale basis, he was denied this, saying that when he bought the salt, he agreed to buy it without a receipt. Go now looking for buyers, trying to sell at a reduced price and get rid of the salt. He calculated that if, as it should be a healthy person, use of 50 g of salt a day to myself to eat this amount of salt, he will need a 3561 year.

Such as the Chinese Guo, stingy in panic salt in large numbers, many in all major cities. Now they are anxious to get rid of it. on this occasion, some users on the Internet forums in China, they write that "the earthquake occurred while in Japan, and in China for the panic that would happen if we ourselves disaster strikes?"

Others accuse the government: "All the panic occurred due to" dispel rumors "Central Television, as people already know that CCTV just lying. So when Central Television said he did not need to buy salt, all decided to go buy it. I beg you, next time do not need to "dispel rumors" from Central TV, please! "

Recall, on March 11 in Japan, magnitude 9.0 earthquake that caused the 20-meter tsunami, which resulted in an accident at the plant "Fukushima-1". Chinese feverishly buying salt for fear of radiation. In some provinces, mainly in the country's eastern coast, from retail stores lost salt, part of which is extracted from sea water.

The reason for the increased demand for the dissemination of information was that the iodine salt helps remove radiation from the body. So, panic and lack of salt observed in the provinces of Guizhou, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Hubei. Local media reported the panic in Beijing.

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