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Alcohol — known to everyone. Everyone is familiar with it, if not with child, then certainly from an early age. Most of our knowledge of it is based on personal, subjective experience. It would seem that it may be more accurate and truthful? However, it happens that the conclusions from our experience, we do not quite true. Often our judgment is heavily influenced by tradition, advertising in the media, or the lack of reliable information. For example, you know that alcohol — a drug? This fact is known to all, but few people take it seriously. Meanwhile, depending on the power and consequences of the use of ethyl alcohol however hard drugs than heroin. In medicine, the severity of the drug is determined by how strongly defined withdrawal syndrome. Of course, the break-up of people who are addicted to heroin, is terrible. But they die more often from concomitant disease or overdose. At the time, as an alcoholic can die just from breaking at the peak of physical dependence. There are some interesting facts that are not told in every corner, but who need to know to create a faithful representation of the total alcohol.


How to get alcohol?

In ancient times, it happened like this: squeezed grape juice and leave to stand somewhere, and after a while getting out a ready-made wine alcohol level of 12 — 14 degrees. It's pretty simple. Now let's look at the process under a microscope. In grape juice that contains about 12% sugar, soon appeared larger "sweet tooth" — special yeast. They began to eat sugar, and excrete waste products as ethanol, simply alcohol. To survive in a strong drink, they could not, so when the concentration of ethanol in grape juice reached 12 — 14%, fungi die, even if the sugar was still.

In general, the principle of the production of ethyl alcohol since then has not changed — no yeast no alcohol will not work. But over time, people ceased to hold low degree of fault. And then come up with distilled or simply sublimation, so well known in the Russian villages. The fact that alcohol has a boiling point (78,3 ° C) than the boiling point of various impurities and water. And if the alcohol-containing liquid is heated, all the components begin to vaporize at a time, and the alcohol can be collected and cooled separately. Since alcohol and freezes its particular temperature, there is another method of distillation — vymorozki. This method of sublimation obtained, for example, the national American drink applejack. In winter, the bitter cold exhibited apple cider, but that did not freeze, collected and drank. There is also historical evidence that the Vikings before the battle drank chilled mead, eating Amanita muscaria, and only then, drunk and brave, rushed into battle.

By the way, the advent of the carbon dioxide bubbles in champagne, we also have to yeasts. For the production of the drink bottle with a mixture of usually five grape juice is kept in a dark room, and two years later come with powerful lights and illuminate the entire cellar. Yeasts from the sudden change of the situation immediately killed, after releasing a drink large amounts of carbon dioxide.


Why do drunks turning blue nose?

Alcohol — the universal solvent. And best of all, it dissolves biological fats. Once in the human body, alcohol enters the bloodstream quickly and begins to interact with red blood cells. As is known, these blood cells carry oxygen to the tissue cells and take carbon dioxide. In the normal state erythrocytes coated with a thin shell of fat and have a small electric charge, thereby to repel each other and stick together. Alcohol also dissolves the fatty skin and removes the charge. Red blood cells begin to stick together to 5, 100, or even 1,000 — depending on the amount of alcohol consumed.


Treatment of Alcoholism

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Detoxification and Coding

In medicine, this phenomenon has been called "the effect of grape bunches." So these "bunch of grapes" begin to clog the blood vessels in the human body. Of course, not all the vessels, but only the smallest, for example in the nose. Dead vial becomes purple. And if you drink regularly, then no living capillaries on the nose will remain and eventually he whole will be blue-purple.


However, the blue nose — that's not the worst consequence of the "effect of grape bunches." The same small vessels supply blood to the neurons in the human brain. There are about 15 billion, that is, one for each neuron in the spare nerve cells do not. The brain capillaries are so thin that the red blood cells can squeeze into them only in one row. And if the vessel is suitable bonding of at least three blood cell, it clogged and 7 — 9 minutes it is powered by a neuron is irrevocably lost. When doctors examined brain died of alcoholism, they do not even worried so much the kind of wrinkled, covered with scars and ulcers of the brain, how many question how such a brain could live?


What is a hangover?

Hangover — is physiologically conditioned process of getting rid of dead tissue. Where in the body of dead tissue? Again from alcohol. Within 15 minutes after taking the liquor begins mass death of brain cells. It is interesting that different people it happens in different ways. Some have primarily affected the occipital part of the brain — the vestibular system, and there is staggering gait. The others are dying cells responsible for memory and man in the morning does not remember where the last person he was and what was done. And some alcohol under attack moral center, and people do things that are sober would have condemned themselves.

But no matter what the cells died off from them you need to quickly get rid of. Otherwise, in the brain at 36,6 ° C they will simply rot, and one can not avoid poisoning. So invariably accompanies a hangover headache — there is nothing but the result of feverish attempts to rid the body of dead neurons. The mechanism of this process is simple: a high pressure fluid pumped brain and removes the dead tissue. In fact, the body is "brainwashed" person. Unfortunately, people often do not hear what he wants to say his body or incorrectly interprets the sensations. And, in fact, all the signs of intoxication — are symptoms of severe poisoning poison. And in this state do not need to have fun, and quickly go to the doctor for detoxification. If you have any questions or problems related to alcohol use, you can also consult the clinic "Alkomed" by calling (495) 925-05-64.


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