A gas explosion at a mine in China


5.03.11.Chetyre body of missing miners in a coal mine "Shuyhualin" in Jiahe County, Hunan Province / Central China / March 4, in the morning, have been found, so the number of those killed in the accident at the mine has risen to six. This was reported by local authorities.

At about 11:20 on March 3 at a coal mine "Shuyhualin" located in the village called Syaotszyachzhen County, there was an explosion of gas. The accident at the site, killing two miners, four more were missing, said the agency "Xinhua".

The night before, on the decision of the administration Jiahe County were removed from their posts Syaotszyachzhen four officials of the village, who are responsible for the accident.

At present, work is continuing to recover from the incident.


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