A giant landslide in Switzerland. Photo


Photo: Marcello Negrini, PlanetMountain.com

01.03.12. Switzerland — Up to 4 million cubic meters of granite was broken on a remote peak in the Swiss Alps in the southern canton Grobuendena (Graubuenden), said Tuesday the office of Forestry.

Landslide at the peak of Piz Cengalo below 3.370-meter was perhaps the biggest in decades in Switzerland, said Christian Wilhelm expert on natural hazards.

This is an extremely large mass, — he added.

The incident took place last week, but Swiss media reported it only on Tuesday, because it occurred in an uninhabited area, untouched motion or winter tourists to an altitude of about 3000 meters.

However, a strong thunder heard residents of the small town Soglio, is about five miles away, and went to see what happened after told us told Kerdin Mendzhelt expert forestry.
The reason for this phenomenon could be the ice accumulated in the cracks, were on the mountain peak action like explosive.

Translation: Time factor

Source: Monsters and Critics, PlanetMountain.com

Photo: Marcello Negrini, planetmountain.com

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