A new level of military-technical cooperation between Russia and France

On the days of the delegation of Russian defense ministry headed by A. Serdyukov visited France. Following the negotiations was made several statements concerning the cooperation in military-technical and other capacities. The theme of the talks were buying weapons and equipment for the study Russian military, the joint fight against piracy off the coast of Africa, etc.

More discussed topic of Russian-French cooperation in the past few years is to buy and build 4 amphibious assault ships of the "Mistral". Most freshest announcements on the topic related to the latest rumors about tightening the transfer of technical documentation. As it turns out, these press reports do not comply with reality: France not only does not put any additional relevant criteria concerning the transfer of technology, but even by sending techno documentation ahead of the initial schedule. Serdyukov said that, if the rumors about delays or additional criteria from the French side could be true, then the control of the United Shipbuilding companies have long to show their discontent and "raised the noise." But this is so far not happened in the absence of a corresponding cause. As for the date of delivery "Mistral", the current time there is no reason for its configuration. First of 4 ships, as planned, will be transferred to the Russian Federation in 2014, and from 2013 will now finance the construction of the third and fourth UDC. Noteworthy that at the Baltic Shipyard (St. Petersburg) in August began preliminary work for the construction of 2-ships of the Russian assembly. In the spring of next year, will begin preparations for the construction of the fourth landing ship.

2nd question supply of military equipment concerned fighter (BES) system FELIN. In the spring of last year, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense does not read as a time of ongoing negotiations for purchase of a certain number of sets of the BES. In discussing the issue sometimes even appearing version of the Defense Ministry plans to translate the entire Russian army to equip the French, but by the end of 2011 in the context of recent BES for the Russian armed forces began to open a discussion of some Russian project. About FELIN forgotten for a while. As it turns out, have forgotten about this outfit only journalists and fans of military affairs. The Ministry of Defence, however, still intends to buy a few sets for running in Russian studies and criteria for the right solutions. Serdyukov explained the plans that Russian military and designers in the case do not have to buy without the help of others to think through all aspects of a promising outfit. On the basis of a complete set of imported samples will be to come to a conclusion about the necessity and convenience of this or other solutions. In addition, the likelihood of negotiating with other countries. At the current time the projects promising BES are available in about 10 states-ka, and any of them can have any unique ideas and useful stuff. Therefore, as the minister of defense, with respective capacities should be used and the experience of others.

Represent enthusiasm to the Minister A. Serdyukov related supplies a French technique. He mentioned that the Russian Defense Ministry in the near future may acquire some number armored vehicles and small tools for testing. We claim that French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian showed willingness to help. At the same time, certain types of weapons and equipment, which has been shown enthusiasm, is not yet known.

Apart from the agreement on the construction of the "Mistral" and plans for future delivery insignificance of tools and techniques, Russia and France in the military-technical cooperation were combined and other collaborations. For example, in accordance with the previously signed agreements Russian transport planes for the last year moved about 20 thousand tons of cargo from France to Afghanistan and back. In addition, over the past two years, approximately one and a half times increased number joint activities of the military nature. Thus, in 2010 year came a little more than four similar events, and for the last few months of 2012 — almost 70. In the future, will only increase in the number of "points of contact" and the signing of new agreements. For example, during the negotiations nedavneshnih Russian delegation offered to join forces to combat piracy. Russian Defense Ministry is ready to allocate for this purpose, the two anti-IL-38. From the French side need to consent to their base in the Gulf of Aden. As a temporary base for Russian aircraft offered French airfield in Djibouti. If France would agree to this, then the area will be on duty up to 5 aircraft at once — two Russian and three French. As practice, constant vigil in the air reconnaissance planes increases the efficiency of the sailors, who are fit to receive information on the movements of pirates and make proper arrangements.

In the end, it is necessary to make out another statement A. Serdyukov. On question about the likely participation of in the hypothetical international peacekeeping operation in Syria, he said that he has no such plans. Moreover, the solution of similar problems in our country is engaged in the president, and in fact question roles in the peacekeeping operation has not even ascended and not made public.

As we see, the cooperation with France in the military-technical sphere lasts a mutually beneficial manner. It turns out that the need of such transactions does not cause problems in the military control of the country. So worth the wait for the coming of new posts on the joint activities and mutual agreements.

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