A new medical building Ivanovo Oblast Children’s Hospital

Regional Children's Hospital — a specialized children's health care facility providing inpatient medical care and counseling to children of the Ivanovo region.
Construction of the medical building regional children's hospital with 103 beds started in 2007. Was allocated 547.8 million, including the construction and installation work — 337.8 million rubles for the purchase of medical equipment — 210 million rubles.

The new building is planned to place the receiving-ray department, operating theater, intensive care unit and intensive care, surgical, orthopedic and traumatology department, a children's emergency station.


In the framework of the modernization of health care Ivanovo region in 2012 received the expensive equipment: a set of remote-controlled X-ray (X-ray machine is stationary on 3 workstations), designed for fluoroscopic, X-ray diffraction and X-ray tomography, which can significantly reduce the radiation dose to the patient, operating costs and equipment wear, mobile X-ray system with a C-arm, mobile x-ray machines, ultrasound expert class, set for video colonoscopy and gastroscopy, complex Endosurgical, ventilator, anesthesia and respiratory devices.

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