A new military training center in Mulino

The German group Rheinmetall published scheme promising military training center of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation, created by Rheinmetall Defence Electronics contract in 2011 with "Rosoboronservice" of the Ministry of Defence on the known range in Moulineaux (Nizhny Novgorod region). Center combat training in the Mulino area of over 500 square meters. km should be trained troops of the Western Military Area, and is expected in the forthcoming similar centers will be made in 3 other new Russian military area.

Budding combat training center of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation, being built in Mulino under contract with Rheinmetall Defence Electronics

According to the Vice-President of the Rheinmetall Defence Electronics at ground simulators Michael Crivitz form contained in Article Rupert Pengelley "Work begins on Russian brigade combat training centre" in the journal "Jane's International Defence Review", stage of development and job specifications for the center battle Mulino training was completed by the end of 2011, which allowed since 2012 to begin detailed design center systems, this phase will last until early 2014. Construction of buildings and facilities engineering center was started in 2012 and should be completed by June 2013, and the construction of infrastructure — by the end of 2013. The Russian center staff must pass the first step of training in Germany in February and May 2013, for what has to be done step of preparation is exactly in the center in Russia in August-October 2013. Entering the center systems in operation should to be launched in June 2013, and more will be put center in June 2014.

Though center in Mulino is not a direct copy of the center GuZ German Bundeswehr in Altenmarkt, built and used by Rheinmetall in 2001, its systems and components of two-way learning will be "very similar," according to a statement Crivitz. At the current time Rheinmetall Defence Electronics is cramped work in collaboration with the Land Forces of the Russian Federation to determine their specific requirements and training needs. The German company is responsible for the development and delivery of communications infrastructure, analysis of training fights, and laser systems, combat simulators (laser tactical engagement simulation — TES).

Construct the center in Mulino facilities include a camp to accommodate teams that arrived for training, the complex control exercise (exercise control — EXCON); warehouse and assembly shop, laser simulators (TES); actually training and simulation complex, the complex of services; headquarters and a complex control center, and three educational facility for training military operations in urban criteria (military operations in urban terrain — MOUT).

Specifically combat the landfill area for bilateral exercises should be about 200 square meters. km, and it should be to equip a connected network of reference Tetra, supplied by the Austrian company Frequentis. Rheinmetall Group delivers laser simulators in the set, created for the simultaneous role of the more than 1,000 participants in the exercises (composition reinforced battalion tactical group), also forces "potential enemy" (OPFOR) of up to battalion. In addition to training maneuverable combat operations and activities in the urban criteria, the center will have the ability to lead other parts of the combined arms — such as the crossing of the river, bridge building and maintenance of air defense.

Total new training center in Mulino will allow to provide training to 30 thousand troops in year. Any team can go through several steps of training at various levels — from small units up to battalion and brigade level, with carrying out exercises with simulators and live fire — with a term of up to a few weeks. At the end of the learning cycle will be the final exercise to ensure uniformity of training and checking its level. In addition, the center can also be training brigade commanders, with the introduction of the composition staff, field and simulation training tools.

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