A new species of the Belarusian tank

The New Face of the Belarusian tank

And yet, the question that now is a live: as the existing fleet of armored vehicles and weapons of the Armed Forces meet modern requirements? On this and many other things — an interview with our correspondent's head armor of the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Sergei Simonenko.

— Despite the long period of operation, the T-72 is the main battle unit of the Army of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. What, in your opinion, the conceptual design solutions provided him with such a long life?

— Development of the tank began in 1967, when the first operation experience the T-64 has revealed a lack of reliable engine, chassis and loading mechanism. In the same year was made and tested an experimental model of the tank itself. In 1973, after military trials, he was admitted to the armament under the brand name T-72, and soon received the name "Ural".
The tank was improved in the process of production. In 1979, at the armament was adopted by the upgraded T-72A standard, and in 1985 — the T-72B.

The tank has a traditional model of the general assembly with a crew of 3 persons and a transverse engine.
The main armament is a special tank 125-mm smoothbore gun 2A46M — launcher. Gun ammunition is located in a rotating conveyor automatic loader (22 shots) and non-mechanized combat pack hull and turret (23 shots).

On tanks T-72B installed a new set of guided weapons 9K120, which provides guided missile firing of days off and a little stop at a range of 100 to 4,000 meters. It has an automatic control system noise immunity of a missile by a laser beam. As a subsidiary of weapons used 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun and 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun NSVT (with manual control of the commander of the tank).

The armor protection of the frontal part of the hull and turret is a multilayer composite armor barriers that provide invulnerability to most types of armor-piercing and hollow shells of tank (anti-tank) guns. The highest resistance against chemical weapons is achieved through the installation of overhead dynamic protection.

The machine is equipped multi-fuel high-speed four-stroke diesel engine V-84-1 liquid-cooled supercharged by a drive centrifugal blower. In addition, the used inertial (wave) boost. Motor power is 618 kW (840 hp…) It is adapted for use with diesel fuel, jet fuel and gasoline cars.

Tank equip snorkeling equipment, which allows to overcome water obstacles up to a depth of 5 meters and a width of about 1.000 meters. It used complex communication "Passage", which provides the communication range of 20 km both on-site and in motion by sredneperesechennoy areas.

The T-72, made more than 4 decades back, to this day remains the foundation of the tank fleet of many countries in the world. Their designers have developed their programs from modernization of the T-72, which may put it on a par with more modern tanks.

The New Face of the Belarusian tank

At the current time, the conceptual development direction of the tank found the reflection in the State programmke weapons, 2011-2015.

— It is interesting how many more times this tank model with characteristics can meet the solving current problems?

— Of course, now being in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Belarus' main battle tank T-72B inferior to the main characteristics of the tanks of the leading foreign countries. But coupled with the fact he — with a set of measures for its modernization and proper use — can be combat-ready and solve puzzles as intended for at least the coming decade. These activities are provided in the State and weapons program there in 2011-2015 and Municipal defense order for 2011.

— Sergey, can we now talk about the brand new form of Belarusian tank?

— Can. At present, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus are analyzed global trends in tanks and armored vehicles and weapons in general, considered and approved a new form of the Belarusian tank.
The implication is that in the process of modernization in service with the T-72B will be improved and delivered to a high level of firepower, protection and mobility command. This will allow to be armed with the Belarusian army tank, not inferior, and a number of characteristics of tactical and technical characteristics of superior zabugornye standards through the introduction of Russian developments.

— What are the elements directly to the development and modernization of the asset Russian design bureaus?

— Enterprises of the Republic of Belarus SMIC are working to equip armored vehicles with modern complexes weapons control systems, communication and navigation. Acquired develop successfully applied in the modernization of weapons and military equipment. Thus, developed by JSC «Peleng" sighting system "Sosna-U" which is used in the modernization of Russian tanks T-72B and T-90.

The New Face of the Belarusian tank

The New Face of the Belarusian tank

The New Face of the Belarusian tank

— As pointed out by combat experience of recent decades, the introduction of tanks can at times reduce the loss in the middle of the personnel of mechanized infantry units and has a strong demoralizing effect on the enemy. But in today's criteria for a more dramatic effect — and the moral and technical — has a precision instrument. Question: who will win?

— Installed on the tanks in the process of modernization of the modern multi-channel scopes equipped with television monitors, will find purpose and conduct fire on her as a gunner and tank commander of the main instruments of all types of ammunition. Including a guided missile from a place and on the move, day or NIGHT MODE and, to a distance of 5 km.

Automatic system target tracking will significantly increase the possibility of getting to move around with the shooting at targets.
The complex of active defense, including a self-contained operating units also improved passive protection will protect the tank anti-tank weapons from a nose-dive and grazing trajectory of the projectile regardless of their use in guidance systems and the type of warhead.

Automatic system aerosol screen laying create interference ATGM having semi-active laser seeker, running from the reflected laser light from the target, and the corrected missiles and artillery shells, which are used with laser designators and r
angefinders. It also masks the tank.
Here's the answer: who will win.

— In the design offices of personal companies and municipal enterprises are being developed combat vehicles at all the last generation. What, in your opinion, will be armored vehicles in 10-15 years?

— Global experience shows that in recent decades the development of conventional means of warfare has reached a qualitatively new level. These criteria prospects not only combat missions, and the survival of personnel on the modern battlefield without advanced weapons and equipment are actually reduced to zero. This event is also highly mobile nature of modern warfare are responsible for increasing bit of armored vehicles in the Army, increasing their combat and technical characteristics.

Trends in areas of development and improvement of weapons and military equipment led to the conclusion that a promising tank in 10-15 years will be installed over-capacity tank gun that will allow increment range and accuracy, improved software fire control system, improved on-board communications. We are waiting for the integration of each battle machines into a single information system of command and control. Will use advanced color schemes display monitors and infrared sights, reduced the preparation time of the first and subsequent shots.

And most importantly, will rise on the one hand, the effectiveness and extent of the harmful acts of ammunition, and the other — the security and invulnerability war machine through a combination of passive and active protection, the use of promising materials, coupled with the new layout and design decisions of the hull and turret, set identification systems, "the — another" and improve the guidance systems for combating anti-tank weapons.

Lieutenant Colonel Igor debated Kandral

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