A new species of the Ukrainian army … Is there hope?

All the more often repeated in publications specializing in the military theme, you can meet dramatically bad date as to the condition of the Ukrainian army, the fact that such forces can not simply be coming, so the position is hopeless, and the only thing that can be count — Repair and modernization of existing military equipment …. And yet this year on the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was allocated significantly more funds from the municipal budget than in years past — about 16.5 billion hryvnia. With all of this specifically on the development of military equipment and weapons planned izderzhat about 2.5 billion, but then the question arises: excellent — funds allocated, perhaps, in the future, still stand out, but will it be enough in order to make the Ukrainian army more efficient, modern and combat-capable? Undeniable truth is that everything is learned in the mapping. Unfortunately, the current level of military research leaves much to be desired. Not to be unfounded, we give a small example — if the first 90 years of the last century in Ukraine was about 7 hundred software development of weapons and military equipment, the current time there are only three 10-minute. Yes, in principle, it is understandable. Most of these programs had to turn away so as the country simply does not have enough funds.

But, according to representatives of the Ministry of Defense, management looks to the future, because in the military developments take an active role of the State Space Agency, National Academy, and many other structures. And this collaboration has already yielded some results. For example, in the midst of the developments that took place in the near future, and that has created Ukrainian defense industry and enters the armament — It's BTR-4, T-84 "Hold" ZTM1 automatic guns, armored vehicles, "Watch-B ', ground radar stations" Malachite ", parachute systems" Bars-S ". In addition, within the framework of international exhibitions were presented and the latest generation of missile systems "Skif" and "Peregrine Falcon" (though the latter only project), and opto-electronic system of oppression "Adros", and anti-aircraft missiles and other military equipment .

By the way, all this is a very modern technology, to meet the new requirements. So, namely, the BTR-4 are eligible for use in all weather criteria (-40 to +55 degrees) at this at any time of the day. The T-84 can carry out military actions as with static and with the ambulant ground targets. However, it must be said at once that the "Hold" in the true time in service with the Ukrainian Army is represented in a single copy, even though they were on the premises for armament 10 more cars to the end of the year. And yet, a large party of "a stronghold" will be sent to Thailand. Apparently, they no longer need, and somehow will manage their …

"Peregrine Falcon" can "boast" a firing range, which is more than 250 km. In addition, in the presence of Ukrainian armed forces, there are two military transport An-70, which, under certain circumstances, could serve as a good basis not only for the Ukrainian, and Russian for military aircraft.

Despite the fact that a huge quantity of arms and military equipment, which are created in Ukraine and have a good export capabilities, future buyers somehow not in a hurry to buy Ukrainian technique. And the reason for that of the ordinary to the fun, when these same buyers are interested, there is a similar technique in the presence of Ukrainian army, there is nothing to answer …

In such a situation it is very difficult to talk about the fact that the armed forces of Ukraine will have good prospects in the near and more than the distant future. Especially since defense officials hold all developing Ukrainian "defense" under a huge secret. One can only assume what may amaze military engineers, designers, scientists, and specifically by the producers themselves. Yet, some information on this issue in the press all the same there.

So, that is how it became clear in Ukraine has been vigorously pursued the development of high-precision weapons. As part of the exercise "Perspective — 2012" conducted launches of high-precision 152-millimeter artillery shells "Flower Garden". It can be used against armored vehicles, and other well-protected objects, so as to equip this system shell laser homing. As the deputy head of the Central Research Institute of AME Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor chepken, start-ups were carried out successfully, as evidenced by the defeat of the tasks the first time. According to professionals, Ukrainian "Flower Garden" is not inferior to their counterparts zabugornom — South American roadside bombs caliber 155 mm "Copperhead" and Russian "Krasnopole." At the same time, Ukrainian shell is much cheaper because it is more accessible to equip the army. Also, it gives the opportunity to fully compete successfully on the international arms market.

In addition, other developments are carried out and precision-guided munitions, electric guns, laser guns, communications, thermal imaging, radar facilities, drones. It is clear that for the successful development of so base an impressive amount of funds needed. But at the moment it's not about that.

At the current time in the Ukrainian army are testing new uniforms, more precisely, its experimental batch. The whole set — this is a prototype of how it will look in the future fighter. So Makar, a set will enter combat helmet, filled night vision device and mikrovideokameroy, lightweight body armor (ballistic), GPS-receiver, a microcomputer with a monitor on which Teams will be served, portable radio, sensors for the measurement of body temperature, pulse, blood pressure.

The principal activity of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles. In this case it is very needed the experience of other countries, namely, USA, Israel, France, which showed the highest efficiency of UAVs not only in the course of the fighting, and to obtain intelligence. In addition, the advantage of this device is that they are not on board pilots. So Makarov, even if the drone is shot down, it would not be a prerequisite for death.

As for the Ukrainian developments drones, then practicing them immediately several companies. At times, they are the results of their own developments in various exhibitions, but on this matter, usually does not go, so as no money and is not expected …

I remember a couple of years back the military department zopoluchilo for Ukrainian army drone made in Israel, not sparing pay for it more than 6 million dollars. But, as it turns out, this unit significantly inferior Ukrainian models, and in addition, had a number of shortcomings, because it is not found in the implementation of its own Ukrainian army. So Makar, the funds have gone nowhere. And yet, at the current time on one of the ranges tests are conducted immediately 3-Ukrainian models drones. And just a question: what was to throw money at such nonsense, if they could invest in Russian developments? But as they say, after a fight with his fists do not wave …

A few words should be said about another development of Ukrainian "defense". For example, some time back has been developed by its unique features anti-missile system "The alarm". Its main task was to ensure that fool the enemy and lead his main force to the side to avoid the danger to their own troops. The phenomenon, but at the moment about this project no one
even remembers. Exactly like the Russian analogue of South American made car "Hammer" — SUV "Step". At the beginning of development, in 2001, it was entrusted with high hopes … Well, the "Boar", automatic weapons, which was intended to change the Kalashnikov, also seemed to have forgotten everything.

A little earlier intensively open a discussion the possibility of strengthening South American Ukrainian Navy frigate "Oliver Perry", which South American military establishment was ready to give Ukraine. Of course, you could take them, but the content and armament they needed the funds, which were equal to almost half of the state budget. So we had to turn away.

At the current time in Ukraine in step is the creation of its own corvette. In the long term of their scheduled four. According to the views of military administration, they need to strengthen the combat potential of the Ukrainian Navy. But, again, will be brought to a logical end of this programm — is unclear.

According to the ex-defense minister Alexander Kuzmuk, in the first years of independence, many of the standards of weapons and equipment were relatively new, which could not fail to amuse, because huge amounts of money in the development of the defense industry to invest there was no need. Moreover, these means were not stated. But even then it was necessary to work in the future, because with the passage of time AME is aging not only on the physical level, but also mentally.

In fact, the negligence of control led to the results known to all: many enterprises of the military-industrial complex came into decay, as production capacity has not been updated. Most of the trained engineers and designers have left. Fortunately, at the moment the situation changes slightly in the best possible way, but in order to achieve certain success, you need the intervention of the country, the establishment under its control applets reviving Ukrainian defense industry.

But then on the other hand is utter nonsense: it has remained the same in Ukraine professional designers and engineers who can assist climb Ukrainian defense industry. That only is, for example, on the basis of the creation of the South American "Hummer" Ukrainian "Watch" or a complete outfitting of the same "Hummers" weapons and the necessary devices. But the problem is also that the move into mass production of its creation is virtually impossible.

Ukrainian weapons and equipment that are in the army, already significantly behind global standards. About it and they say the military itself. Namely, those soldiers who are in Afghanistan as part of a peacekeeping mission, said that the quality of clothing and shoes leaves much to be desired, body armor is very languid, even by comparison with Lithuanian. Most of the peacekeeping absolutely changed small gun, not counting, of course, Ukrainians …

And yet they say military experts that the state treasury with no money in order to buy new weapons and equipment, funds are hard to upgrade and repair what is in service for many years. The existence of the T-84, even in a single instance, helps to keep the tank school (the only question is how?). Many they say that "Hold" — is a better tank, and that in the coming years is unlikely to appear something more effective. But this is exactly the case when it is not about the quality, and quantity. How is the only tank, even though it supernova, the safety of the country is not entirely clear …

In addition, the criteria of modern war focuses on the highest technology because there is a real need to focus attention specifically on the promising kiberrazrabotki, namely, electric guns, air transport system to protect against missile attacks …

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