A series of zombie events in Miami in 2012.

All Internet simply is buzzing about reports zombies and zombie apocalypse in May 2012. A series of strange and frightening events flashed in Miami. Similar cases have begun to occur in other countries, such as China. Bath Salt, which was originally specified by the government, was completely harmless. So what it was: a test of the government of any chemical weapons, or a series of coincidences? Let's look at history.

We note. that all these events occurred within 10 days.

Zombie cannibal gobble person attacked in Miami May 26, 2012. Here are eight other strange events that occurred within 13 days of the same in May 2012:

May 16, 2012: 15 students and two adults were struck by a strange rash after a leak of some hazardous substances in high school in Hollywood, Florida. The infected have recovered after treatment in hospital, but the source of infection has not been established.
May 18, 2012: unknown chemical exposure has caused the closure of crossing terminal in the airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Three employees of the airport and the two passengers were sent to the hospital with respiratory problems.
May 21, 2012: Man in Westchester, Ill., will be delayed after the skhvatilt 18-year-old girl by the throat and sunk his teeth into her cheek.
May 23, 2012: Another school, this time vLoderdeyle was closed again because of some chemical contamination. Four students and a teacher were taken to hospital with a red rash on the body. None of them are in contact with chemical agents in which either the class and the reason has not been established.
May 25, 2012: Lake County, Florida school was closed after 27 children and adults fell ill after passing a school bus.
May 25, 2012: "Disoriented" passenger of American Airlines flight 320 from Jamaica to Florida began to behave inappropriately, would open the door to the room, threw himself on the people and was twisted passengers.
May 26, 2012: horrific attack so-called "Miami zombie" in which Rudy unarmed attack humans, actually eats up most of his litsa.Politseysky shoots him, but he does not respond to a number of bullets and even growls at a cop. It took seven bullets, two of which are in his head that would kill the man-eater.
May 26, 2012: On the same day, an anesthesiologist in Florida spitting blood in the face of the patrol, who arrested him for drunk driving.
May 29, 2012: Man in San Diego nose bitten off part of his cousin during an argument.

Taken individually, these cases seem insignificant, but if you combine them, then traced a strange relationship, namely the deliberate infection of people by some schools and drugs cause inappropriate behavior. This is similar to the test conducted on human beings. But by whom and for what purpose?



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