A specter is haunting the museum




In Samara Ulyanov family house, scaring the servants, mischievous spirits of its former inhabitants

Arkady Solarev, Samara

Today, on the birthday of the leader of the world proletariat, in the Samara house-museum of Vladimir Lenin in all the rooms again float faint scent of apple pie. Pies themselves will not only smell that on this day, as on January 21 of each year, is taken from nowhere and permeates the atmosphere of the museum.

First there was a smell baked immediately after the restoration of the museum in 1989, and since then twice a year — on the day of occurrence Ulyanov-Lenin on the light and the day of his death — in a comfortable mansion spreads a subtle smell of apple pies. These pies, certainly with antonovka say loved oven Maria, the mother of the family. Apples have always been his — from his own tiny estate Alakaevka that in fifty kilometers from Samara.

A May 8, the day when the St. Petersburg died of typhoid fever Olga Ilyinichna through the rooms of the Samara home Ulyanov subtle fragrance floating lily of the valley and forget-me. It is these dried flowers have been found in belonged to Olga musical albums.

— At first, Apple and floral aromas caused by our employees incomprehensible anxiety — says the head of the museum Maya Obraztsova. — But then everybody started to gradually become accustomed. And now we have an alarm will only appear if these "atypical" for the museum smells suddenly disappear.

Inexplicable things started to happen here just before the restoration of the house-museum in the late eighties, during the full-scale surveys of the territory of this city estate. While the office is a former head of the kitchen Ulyanov, directly beneath which was located on the first floor den keepers in the evenings going to the museum staff. Both of these premises were connected in parallel telephones. And then at night in the lodge were heard sounds dialed paired telephone. Alarmed by the guard rushed headlong upstairs, opened the office door, but no one was there. During the night so repeated several times. When filming the tube, it was silence, broken away, almost inaudible voice, as if emanating from another world. This went on throughout the autumn and winter, and in spring the phone suddenly calmed down. Who and where to call in those hours of the night, and remains unknown.

— To experience first real horror guard quickly got used to the mysterious sounds. And when the director's phone was moved to a new office building, they were gone, — continues the story of Maya Obraztsova. — But calm measured steps on the second floor, where the main exhibition, and now you can hear at any time of the day. First thought: some of the visitors behind the group and got lost. We go up — no one in the apartment. Let's go — steps. I had a chance to sleep in these rooms when the alarm system broke down, but by then he had not been wandering. No, it was not scared. Spirits Ulyanov behave pretty well, as befits members of a family of intellectuals.

In the end, the museum came to the conclusion that in this way the late Mark T. rebels against attributed to an exposition of historical inaccuracies.
The most "violent" of them was the spirit of the brand Elizarova. For many years in the office-in-law Ulyanov order reigned, his bed was neatly home ready. But for some time, going to the office in the morning, museum workers began to find the crumpled bed, upside down, as if someone had slept in it last night. To sin by watchmen bosses could not. At that time, the house-museum of Lenin was part of the Regional Committee of the CPSU, and after a rigorous selection of employees there took exceptionally reliable.

— In the end, the museum came to the conclusion that in this way the late Mark T. rebels against attributed to an exposition of historical inaccuracies. It is known that sleeping in those years Elizarov in the room of his wife, where there was a double bed. But for some reason, the Soviet ideology divorced spouses in different lodges. And in place of the usual noble office of the era leather sofa bed appeared. Once all the furniture in the house has taken its "legitimate" places, the spirit of Anna's husband Ilinichny calmed down and stopped remind yourself nocturnal pranks.

In preparation for the repair work originally reacted when the favorite of all employees cat Muska. With iron regularity every few months, it has become the creature mileyshee bring kittens for some reason on the bed of Vladimir Ilyich, each time fairly dirtying his blanket. Cat locked up on the first floor was left to sleep on the street, close down vents mansion. And every time she invariably found in the room with the offspring of the future leader of the world proletariat. And trace the moment when she was supposed to be a mother, and could not. And when the carpenters tore the house wood paneling, Muska gone forever. The long search for her no results.

Psychics believe that cats choose places with negative energy. Is such a place the bed, lying on that after the traditional visit to the local brewer favorite little restaurant background Vakano 23-year-old Vladimir Ulyanov in the spring of 1893 was considering his first theoretical work "New Economic Developments in Peasant Life. Reasons for criticism of the Postnikov," it is difficult to say with certainty. But the work in which a trainee lawyer literally crushed the economic concepts such pillars of populism as Postnikov, Vorontsov, Vodovozov Karyshev proved prophetic. And by the way, very vain modern economists do not look at this work — he, like 111 years ago, is highly relevant to the second period of the emergence of capitalism in Russia.

Arriving at the Lenin house-museum of more than twenty years ago, a militant atheist, Maya Obraztsova has long she began to believe in miracles. Once they become a direct participant. A few years ago she was in a car accident. Long was in the hospital, missed work and the collective. Then she had a whole series of dreams: that it is in the museum is an underpass group of sightseers. When she returned to work, the ministers said that it was in those days heard in the underpass just knock her heels. They looked — there is no one. And what really surprised.

The decision to create the then Kuibyshev House Museum VI Lenin in the house of the merchant Elijah was taken Rytikova Central Committee of the CPSU (b) in 1939. Here, in the hired rooms of the second floor, a large Ulyanov family lived for nearly four years — from 1890 to 1893rd. Vladimir is externally graduated from St. Petersburg University and started off a successful law practice as an assistant attorney. A devoted leisure deeper study of the works of Marx, the young revolutionary by autumn 1892 in Samara, organized the first Russian Marxist group.

There is a legend that the house was built on Rytikova money Anaev rich merchant, a man of power, a family, but as they say, are not without sin. To wash away the sin of the prodigal soul, the merchant married off his beautiful mistress, a certain Maria Stepanovna for clerk Ilya Rytikova, endowing the latter a fair amount of money. With that money and built a quick Ilya story mansion, where he opened a profitable institution with a lengthy title "renskovij cellar and shop attendant colonial goods", successfully sold wine. Apparently, the fusion of revolutionary ideas, the spirit of greed and carnal passions, joining under one roof, and gave birth to a strange phenomenon, referred to in the literature the term "poltergeist", and the people — "Barabashka."


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