A village in Kabardino-Balkaria in the abyss. Video


Upper Kurkuzhin 8.11.12.Zhiteli village in Kabardino-Balkaria on the brink of failure. Moreover, in the literal sense — the village is located in the landslide area. Despite the fact that the land is already disappearing from under their feet, the migration of people from the local administration has neither the means nor the new apartments. Report Helen Walnut.

The most dangerous area in the village of Upper Kurkuzhin — cemetery. It even was terrible. Every second you can literally go down the drain. Ravine formed in this place a couple of months ago. The graves are separated from him until ten meters. But the distance is rapidly declining.

Musa Babguev:
— If this crack goes, the cemetery will go there. People will be the hands of their own ancestors get.

The ravine is growing at an alarming rate and depth. Mohamed Afaunov is continually monitored the new natural phenomenon — made regular measurements here. The results are disappointing.

Afaunov Mohamed, a local resident:
— I'm doing labels on trees. Starting from here to there — for 2 days. I measured inches — 19 cm Then 2 days — 9 cm, 5 cm and then, and yesterday I measured — more than 20 cm deep into left land.

Deep cracks spread to the web of roads, yards and houses in the village.

Why soil literally out from under the feet of local residents? Look for an answer to a question no one here came a government commission. It turned out top Kurkuzhin is in the so-called "landslide zone" — on the side of the mountain. Shaky ground on which the village is gradually moving out of the bottom.

Hazhmuhamed Afaunov, mayor of the rural settlement of Upper Kurkuzhin:
— This process began in 1992. For 20 years. Commission came to a list of homes that are subject to the resettlement of the landslide area. 167 yards. Part moved, and the majority stay here.

All this time, local residents watched in horror as their destroyed village.

Helen Smith, reporter:
— Street Babgoeva at increased risk. The cemetery is just 100 meters away. And every day ravine inexorably moving to the home. However, most people here have already left: some were settled, someone took relatives. Of the 15 houses on this street have only 2.

In his trouble the residents of Upper Kurkuzhina not alone — say in national emergency situations. In the landslide areas are hundreds of communities across the North Caucasus. This means that thousands of lives at risk. Several hundred families have resettled officials. In fact, to protect all need billions of rubles. Regional authorities are hoping the federal government.

Sergei Shahin, Chief of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry of Kabardino-Balkaria:
— We can not do it all. Therefore, we will ask for. And to call the program will be as follows: "Increased safety of people living in landslide areas of the North Caucasus Federal District."

In fact, to take this program and start financing, take months. Residents of the Upper Kurkuzhina who have already lost any sleep, this term certainly seems too long.

Helen Smith, Olga Kuznetsova. North Caucasus Office "TV Center", Kabardino-Balkaria.


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