A visit to an alien

Long-standing disputes between local ufologists and Orthodox teachings on the nature of luminous objects, regularly appearing in the night sky Omsk at the turn of the 60-70's, now found an unexpected and very unfortunate for the first sequel.

Retired Colonel Vladimir K. Zhmakin, the governing Civil Defence today to one of the local factories, showed up to me with a stack of half-rotted press times of stagnation. It consisted entirely of intrusive thoughts about extraterrestrial civilizations predisposition to the wilds of Siberia. He said he hated more than this nonsense he can not and it's time to tell the truth. In fact, it was not BUT … and ballistic missiles.

Although during the period of stagnation was considered bad form to speak in the Party press with reflections on some mysterious phenomena in the Soviet skies, yet there is no information, no and yes leaking. A quasi-legal circles for the study of anomalous phenomena in the Omsk region began to emerge with the same regularity as the glowing pictures of the next object in the local press under the heading "Unusual next."

In the end, ufologists have established themselves in the thought that the UFO visits are very specific goals: an anomalous zone near the city, where there are powerful releases of energy that extraterrestrials wisely take advantage of yet unknown purpose.

Passion and rumors raged on as the people who tried to the end to know the reasons for visits and capture the "act of filling" on the film began to stumble in the area of the alleged UFO pilgrimage for ordinary earthlings with guns blazing. People with aluminum frames and other devices for the detection of anomalies after such meetings, interest grew in direct proportion to the guidance to "not show up here anymore."

In a special section of the military unit that guarded the "anomalous zone", they explained the policy of the party, which is a state secret, and why "can not." In view of these warnings unwary seekers of the unknown, whose inquiring mind was formed on the books of Ivan Efremov and the Strugatsky brothers, thinking the rest yourself. That is something that in a conversation with a special person not mentioned: a fruitful military contacts with aliens, that there is a conspiracy, etc.

Until recently, these speculations are the bedrock philosophy of home-grown seekers anomalies. And then came the simple retired Colonel Vladimir K. Zhmakin, and everything collapsed.

Omsk … While wondering about the meaning of his native city in the fate of the aliens, twenty kilometers from him were his string of fighting everyday rocket of strategic forces. Glowing same objects were nothing more than a training launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

While Vladimir K. Zhmakin remembers with nostalgia. "

The anomalous object "in military papers was listed as a launch pad No. II. "1 1st '- a small village under the ground at a depth of forty meters. An area of about 8 hectares of the three mines. Strictest secrecy. Around the launch pad several zones of protection. Unlucky mushroom pickers and ufologists trying to identify the cause of the unknown, first stumbled on the first team, located 12 kilometers from the mine.

The road leading to the object in one place was a false extension: to mislead the enemy in the direction of the village Trusovka soldiers in their spare time, incurring the guard was cut firebreak. Hundred meters from the site itself was built so-called spiral Bruno — a thin wire, which tightens any moving object. A little closer to the point were the barrage systems that are used at the border: they respond to stretch and tear.

Even closer signaling mines were laid. The last frontier fence with electric voltage in 2000 volts. Due to this rocket men often ate hare, and even deer. On the site itself was a donut machine gunner. He had an order to shoot at anything. that moved into the area without the permission of the chief of the guard. However, all these precautions are intended for the weak-minded, because the West got our secrets otherwise.

After the KGB colonel Penkovskiy shared with Western intelligence agencies all he knew about the Soviet weapon, to live on "11th" was less comfortable under the watchful eye of U.S. spy satellites.

Particularly memorable Vladimir Kuzmich 1968. NATO has tried to respond to our tanks in Czechoslovakia, and the "11th" for three weeks in a state of readiness. For the sake of deterrence militarists made training which shall immediately interpreted "most advanced" as another UFO trip to Siberia. The peak of the reflection about the aliens in the spring of 1965, when the rocket did not come out on the desired trajectory and almost fell on the sleeping city.

According to Zhmakina, the main mourning for rocketeer were not stupid rumors about UFOs, and the need to sit in a bunker behind the button twelve o'clock without a cigarette. Smoked so in high security mode: it climbed into the drainage wells, and the ashes and cigarette butts stashed in his wallet.

Then all the toilet is crumbled into powder. One teammate Victor Kuzmich smoke went into the well. In his distress at the time of the rocket engines poured liquid oxygen. Out of there alive the torch. Burned, but life is saved. Since then, the authorities before going on duty officers to check the pockets …

However, even in such harsh conditions, discipline manifested simple human weakness: in spite of the instructions and ordinances during rocket launches officers crawled out of curiosity to see how it flies. To not been triggered alarm sensors clamped seal on the hatch. There were other things to do. "Once a team has come from above: alarm.

I clicked on the button, ran all the systems software, worked mode power supply, refueling, ventilation, integrity, including diesel power plant. Stopped, in general, when all was ready for the start — says Vladimir Kuzmich. — It turned out someone was joking. Up there. Joker was not found. And slapped me five days of arrest. "

Zhmakin served on the "11th" thirteen years. The service reminded myself recently: across the neck of his scar is excised thyroid gland. "Bringing the object dosimeters strictly prohibited, says Vladimir Kuzmich. — Therefore, none of serviced sites and did not know what dose of radiation received. "

However, not only was the radiation source of future ailments: a launch pad equipped with a powerful tracking system. Of radiation at microwave frequencies completely disappeared okolotok forest, which was located in the direction of the radar.

In August 1976, the order came to Omsk to dismantle the "11th." A year later, the rocket was taken away, and the mine blew up. All other equipment mothballed. Later in the garrison located motorized infantry regiment. All that could pull apart, were separated …

Now, Colonel Zhmakin of the old days spent underground, reminiscent of photos of comrades in the service, many of which are already dead, but the yellowed newspaper clippings. A quarter-century illuminated objects above the Omsk and comments to him seem naive and ridiculous. Although Vladimir Kuzmich no longer smiling — affects disease and undergoing surgery …

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