Abnormal weather in the world. Video


21.12.12.Holodnaya established weather in much of the world. Strong snowstorm struck immediately by the 13 states of the U.S. Midwest. In some places fell to the monthly rainfall. Snowfall accompanied by strong winds. Knocked down hundreds of trees. No light left 130,000 people. Due to bad weather had to cancel flights.

In the north-eastern Bulgaria state of emergency due to continued snowfall. Everywhere are power outages, traffic on the roads very difficult. Temperature close to 20 degrees below zero.

Same problem in Romania. Stopped traffic on many highways. Dozens of villages were cut off by snow from the world. Schoolchildren advised to stay home. Closed ports.

And in England, heavy seasonal rainfall led to flooding. In the central regions have flooded many houses, their inhabitants evacuated. There are fears that the dam can not withstand water pressure.

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