About Bandera in parliament. They need to be reminded of Ukrainians who fought wars

December 12 in Kiev will host the first meeting of the newly elected Verkhovna Rada of the seventh convocation. This national meeting will be qualitatively different from other parliaments that have arisen in the area of the former Soviet Union over the past 20 years. It's best days are determined by the Bandera longtime activist in the movement Ukraine Bogdan Chervak: "Together with the nationalist deputies in the Ukrainian parliament will be invisible Eugene Konovalets, Andrew Melnyk, Stepan Bandera, Shukhevych, O.Olzhych, Lena Teliga." In other words, the ideology and practice of the most ferocious man-hating ideology will soar significantly in a new Ukrainian parliament.

As you know, the neo-Nazis of "Freedom" party obtained 37 out of 450 seats in the newly elected parliament (out of 25 seats on party lists and 12 in single-mandate constituencies). This is the biggest parliamentary victory of neo-Nazis in post-war Europe. Refers to the direct successors deadliest executioners the near past, flaunt Nazi symbols and incite hatred and bloodshed. In no European country has not been able to arrange the Nazi revenge-seekers such a successful breakthrough in power.

Last Saturday, a congress of the "Freedom", the head of which was unanimously elected as its favorite Oleg Tyagnibok. As is typical: the other candidates were not. Those present stood in the middle of the last commander of the Ukrainian Navy Adm. Igor Tenyukh. By joining not long ago in this game, it assigns it the appearance of a decent institutions, correcting ingrained idea of her as a gang of thugs led by Andrew Michnik fuckin troublemakers. After the election, he drops without scruple told the press about the intention to January 1 march in honor of the day or birth of the offender and collaborator Bandera.

The Congress accepted the role and the favorite "Native land" — the second-largest party in the Ukraine — Yatsenyuk. Only three years back Yatsenyuk was himself the victim of a dirty Nazi defamation by the mayor of Uzhgorod Ratushnyak. And today he openly proclaims Nazi criminals heroes and proud alliance with the party of "freedom": "I am very pleased that we managed to break the tradition of not a good grumpy Ukrainian political thought: we signed the agreement, and neither of us moved away from the text of the Partnership Agreement" — he said.

Specifically, such a course of events were afraid of Ukrainian anti-fascists: the breakthrough in the "parliament" of neo-Nazi core and the recognition of its legitimacy moderates. Specifically, as was Hitler to power, someone using the helplessness of the Weimar democracy.

We already litsezreem the noble fellow travelers at the Congress of "Freedom." Not far from Admiral Tenyukh could spot the famous jurist and diplomat Vladimir Vasilenko. This decently dressed man with higher education went up to the podium and immediately started Russophobian incitement "to win the war against Russian imperialism … that anti-Ukrainian government, which is a toy in the hands of the Kremlin."

Anti-Russian theme prevails among the Bandera Revanchists now. Obviously, the idea is not extinguished baiting "Jews" and their destruction, and specifically what he did during the war canonized "Freedom" Shukhevych. But in the general stream of hatred Bandera Nedobitko the share of Russian and Russia have significantly predominant part of demonic energy.

Surprisingly, the silent Russian human rights activists and anti-fascists. Do not hear their calls for a boycott of the totalitarian "Freedom", which was called at first "Social State Party of Ukraine." Also striking is the passivity of the Russian State Duma deputies and members of the Federation Council. And would it be appropriate to close the race is not to all members of the Russian neo-Nazi "Freedom" and its main auxiliary?

Noteworthy that concern about the epidemic on brown Ukraine expressed in the NATO bloc. Glory Nazi Oleg Tyagniboka went far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly has prepared a draft report on the "postoranzhevoy Ukraine, "In which tyagnibokovskuyu" Freedom "dubbed the" anti-Western, anti-liberal, antievrosoyuznoy, anti-Semitic, but most of all — anti-Russian "party. There's also emphasized that the occurrence of such party in the politically unstable Ukraine very unsafe.

If not so long ago the South American State Department and its European allies have turned a blind eye to the glorification of the Nazi war criminals and to the Russian pripiraniya Ukraine and in the Baltic countries, the current brown breakthrough in Kiev and western favorites forced to think about the possible consequences of the last Russo-phobia. There were reconciled with hazel color, but a thick brown paint Ukraine they seemed very busy.

It's safe to say that the National Socialists Tyagniboka can pause by the joint Russian and international stocks. We must remind the Ukrainians and the world that six million children of Ukraine fought in the Russian army in the field the second world war and another half million have gone to the guerrillas. In the ranks of the Bandera as traitors of various stripes we average less than three hundred thousand heads. This historical truth.

It is a pity that Ukraine not fit to take laws banning neo-Nazi activities, like in many European countries. But it is too late.

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