About dastardly times and people of honor

In 1997, on direct orders from the Pentagon and with the active support of his corrupt hangers inside the Russian Federation began liquidation best in the world air defense system. But as usually happens in times of severe tests for Russia there were new to Minin and Pozharsky, Alexander Matrosov and Zoe Kosmodemiansk who despised for betraying the promised benefits and career was not deemed a risk to their personal safety, entered into an unequal and terrible battle. Although the Troops Defense failed to defend them — in those days tsrushnik and representatives of the U.S. State Department with missing-terrain vehicles as hosts shastali along the white house and the Kremlin — all of them have gained a head: for the Russian Federation upheld troops Ballistic missile defense, without which even the presence of combat-ready SRF made our country very vulnerable to missile and nuclear conflict.

To the chagrin of the rendered expertly and comprehensively justified from a political, military and technical aspects of the withdrawal option RKO in a separate genus (as Airborne) and its submission directly to President of the Russian Federation — the main consumer of disk imaging, was totally cut off the representatives of the U.S. State Department as unacceptable. And then managed to break a decision on their inclusion in the SRF, even at that time sneaking closed to the Yankees. It is possible to preserve this unique from a technical point of view, branch of service and to prevent leakage of advanced military technologies in the United States, on the other at the moment the Americans would frighten us, "Aegis" — "mythic system with a mind-blowing combat capabilities", but something more meaningful with the stigma of "stale from the Soviet Union." State Department was furious. Noteworthy that in 1997, specifically its head Christopher Warren lost his position, and in his place was appointed over the popular "Bloody Lady" Madeleine Albright. But this is America, did not help.

In principle, all the generals SRF had an idea of this kind of troops — in the so-called "exchange rate" in the Academy of the General Staff were aware of the appointment, the composition of the combat, puzzles RKO and even visited some sites. But it was very general and without details, and would really appreciate the ability of systems RKO and look them in the battle work. In particular, it humanly fully understand their interest the missile defense system. As a result, for the coming time planned a session with ostentatious battle shooting. Launch a missile in a particular vicinity of Moscow no one would be allowed because venue for shooting resulted in one of the ranges of missile defense. Yes, and here there were difficulties — to drive already on the life extension of missile (retired in 2006.) Per thousand kilometers proved to be very problematic.

What could I do in this situation the command RKO, you clearly understand that your first trip in almost all depend not only their future personal business with the Command of the Strategic Missile Forces, and the fate of the troops themselves RKO? Turned to fishing (Fishing (colloquial, the accent on the last syllable) — Representatives of the MIC). At the landfill was an experimental anti-missile missile last generation, which decided to hold fire, aligning the "acquaintance" with another test. The decision definitely a bold and risky, but the choice was not simple.

Arriving at the appointed time on the ground, led by representatives of the Strategic Missile Forces commander in chief inspected the missiles in the mine, got acquainted with the equipment PU and heard a report on the readiness of the command RKO. After which the Commander gave the nod to start shooting.
According to reports of the numbers of GHS went operational crew:
— Missile — target started.
Some time later:
— The aim is found.
— Capture?
— There are capturing one.
— There are two … capture the target for maintenance.
— The purpose — to kill!
In the anti-missile battle is not due to a second, on account of its thousandth shred, because multi-ton cap mine was not disclosed, is not moving, and fires back. Roar, dust and … nothing! On the face of Commander obviously reflected popular frustration at PU thickened tense silence.
— Md-a-a-a — handed it distracting, but quite relaxed — It happens that we have a rocket out of the mine does not go …
His face glowed softly generals restrained contentment, he says, can tell a story all you want, as to the case, so you fuck her than sobesh — our strategic swallow!
At this time, the speaker came the report:
— Time to … target has been destroyed!
Second delay and a Minute two whole PU deaf — read Commander. Read perfectly, sensual and very vividly, using eternally Russian idiomatic expressions and confident in his own speech using the latest achievements of modern science and technology. The essence of his speech was of the ordinary — what are you, a play here in front of me kidding? Amm not come out of the mine, and reports that target is destroyed! For the fool I keep it? So it will not work! Telemetry on the table — for now we'll see who povinet in showy deception and punish the rest of life. Command RKO flapping helplessly in the eyes, not knowing how to tactfully explain the Commander in Chief that he is well, very wrong — even a timid attempts to do so, only the roar of the mighty. Then whole UAZ generals jumped in and tore right through the steppe to the mine. It was empty!

Indeed, the launch of an intercontinental dvuhsottonnoy bulk fine, menacing and obvious. But no anti-missile missile "Satan" or even "Topol", it is small, maneuverable and faster so that the eyes are not warned by people to keep track of it can not — the main engine cut one when it is already high in the sky. People are still looking at a mine with a cloud of dust, and the sound of the start of the first stage motor hammered crash had come up from otstrelennoy duct cover.
In general, sorted out. Later noted.

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