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On August 7 at the Center of combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel Distant Aviation, located in Diaghilev (Ryazan region). Place of bloggers already tight obhozhennoe because driving is not for a bunch of photos (of which the network without me enough), but to get some fascinating information. But fate did not smile very much to me, because Our group was given not accompanied by the pilot, and an officer of the Centre, which itself does not fly. Because your questions on the aircraft, he could not say anything. But the historical information I acquired through it :)

In December 2010, 43 pulp and paper industry and the PLC was disbanded and formed Center combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel (aviation personnel Distant Aviation, dislocation Ryazan) as part of the 4th Center for training of aviation personnel and military trials of Defense of the Russian Federation (Lipetsk).

Ventilate some rumors about the future elimination of the Centers combat deployment, Tipo is expected in the coming couple of years. The officer replied that such rumors and to their revenue, but there is no documentary evidence and not unlikely to be.
On the closure of the strategic aviation airfields in the Arctic (the same Tiksi). Yes, Tiksi still fly, but in the future it will work with only refueling tankers, and airfield strategists working in the Arctic will be in the Murmansk region under Olenegorsky where even fewer problems with supply and of civilization closer. What is important for the families of pilots and maintenance personnel.
For the money. States that the payment was settled more or less remain some questions about the raise. Lieutenant (not flying) in the headquarters receives 43 thousand, Captain (NS) — 60 redundant.

Few photos from the flight. The map shows a reddish circle point shooting, which were produced virtually all photos


Tu-95MS, we have seen only from afar, when he took off to explore the weather.
After landing


Once in the parking lot


Tu-22M3 takes a shower before departure


Center Distant Aviation shares airfield with the 360th aircraft repair plant, the same day flew several IL's (including a foreign visitor) and An-26


IL-78 Algerian Air Force, renovated a 360-m ARZ



Taxiing plane-refueling tanker Il-78M


One by one, took off three Ila





Also flew a few Tu-22M3








Tu-22M3 was taxiing after landing in the parking lot. In the background planes "Tactical Wing" from Lipetsk to orbit in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Air Force in Zhukovsky


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