About how to make money on Bulk mouthing Russia

Dear readers, this article, though not related to the "Media Myths", but it helps to shed light on a very effective project under the name "Bulk." Since This section has been referenced on LJ, I decided to post this information, which I hope will help us in the fight against "vseprosralschikami" and just by the look into the question "what is" Bulk "?" I strictly do not judge me because this is my first article, and the first attempt, as we know, is lumpy.

And so the article itself was taken from the page author's blog Dmitry Belyaev:

Reading the Bulk Mail

It would seem that the hype around the plum post correspondence Navalny subsided. Navalny excuses were lies. But the story will be continued. If previously we could only read selected letters, the hacker has recently laid out in his Hell Blog all correspondence Navalny at the time of breaking the box. To gain access to it is necessary to download five files from one of the file sharing (links in the blog Hella), unzip them with a password (ibid.), and open the file in your email client The Bat. And the whole lowdown Navalny is in your hands. Read his correspondence a lot more interesting than a blog. Because, unlike ZhZhshechki in postal correspondence he does not hide his true motives.

In the illustration to post a screenshot letter in which Navalny apologizes for the delay in the financial report to the employee "National Endowment for Democracy". Remember when I wrote about him? This fund is used to finance the foreign policy goals of the United States. His money and live IRI (International Republican Institute, the head — John McCain) and NDI (National Democratic Institute, the head — the former gen.sek. Madeleine Albright). Not hard to guess that Navalny works with these organizations.

The letter included a more than interesting files financial reports, which reports to the Bulk Fund for the spent money on the political debate (Grant). In Excel-document appears in the amount of $ 23,000. A lot or a little? Since this is just one of the scams Navalny, then feeds it to the hands of their foreign masters more than good.

All my previously suggested that there Navalny proved correct. Blogger Politresh already highlighted customized nature of the relationship between Navalny and Belkovski in three positions. Just recall that the Belkovskiy is the closest ally of Berezovsky.

Recall the picture of the book Nikita Chekulin "Mystery Oligarch or British justice."

The photo — a terrorist Ahmed Zakayev (in whose hands the blood of thousands of our soldiers killed in Chechnya), fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky (the first year leading the information war against Russia) and Stanislav Belkovsky ("political analyst," Berezovsky's companion).

After a recent news that Zakayev was attending a meeting with members of the opposition in the Chatham House (Club of British foreign policy), everything falls into place. Do I need any more evidence of a link Navalny and Berezovsky? I think not.

I draw your attention to the fact that they do not have to regularly rukopozhimat each other. There is a vector of action, under which they work. They interact by people like Belkovskiy. Which, by the way, immediately rushed to make a "misinformation" in response to the discharge letters Navalny. How does it look, judge for yourself.

It remains clear question. As nationalists may believe Navalny as he works with Zionist Anton dolboeb nose and Stanislav Belkovsky? Protect the interest of the Russian people on the "Russian March"? Well, well. In the words of parahode sailed from the United States to make a revolution in Russia Lev Davidovich Bronstein-Trotsky — "Tak Pobedim».

The number of letters in the archive Navalny is 14035. Mysteries and secrets that reveal the true motives and intentions Navalny and his friends, among them more than enough.

I believe that the State Department has to be submitted to the Hague tribunal for the hacker because of Hella lost profits. The "Bulk" is now a lame horse. Only the most dedicated followers of Navalny will say that the Kremlin's speechwriters days and nights of letters scribbled 14035 Navalny, while maintaining the individual style of correspondence and forging a digital signature of each letter.

If you, dear readers, the topic is interesting — I'll cover letters and other rogue. If you experience technical difficulties in gaining access to the archive of the correspondence Navalny, write in comments.

Attention! Navalny and his team began the hunt for the most authentic e-mail archives. Blog Hella closed. But Google remembers everything, so Here is the link cash on the blog. There are texts and links to the archive with a password.

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