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Valentin Selivanov, Admiral, a former Chief of General Staff — First Deputy Commander of the Navy:

Fleets weakened. Every single ship, which now is, it's all Soviet ships, lived out his life. The youngest ship in the Black Sea Fleet — missile cruiser "Slava", now called "Moscow". It entered service in 1982. He was 30 years old. The youngest ship in the Navy of Russia — "Peter the Great" nuclear-powered missile cruiser. I had his hand in Leningrad in 1990. But then began to see the event, and only passed it in 1999. More than 21 years not built a single ship, not a submarine. Such a history of the Russian Navy for the 315 years of its existence was not.


Of course, the Admiral may lack the time for a personal visit descents ships on the water, the add bookmarks in the shipyards, but in the end, you can simply watch the news / pictures on the internet with the exercise, where there are new ships, which were commissioned after 1999 year. For example, just for instance: TFR pr.11661 "Tatarstan" delivered in 2003, "Dagestan" in 2012; Corvettes pr.20380 "Guarding" — in service since 2008, "savvy" in the ranks since 2011, IRAs, etc. 21630: "Astrakhan" in service since 2006, "Volgodonsk" in service since 2011. And right now laid more than 40 ships and submarines. As the saying goes, Simon Semyonitch © …
Always interested in such cases a simple question: Why is the discussion of the real problems they will certainly need to spice fabrications and fairy-tales? Not tired yet to live by the principle: "In the main, he is right, but otherwise let it be and utter nonsense"? While, however, the question is rhetorical. If no light, it is unlikely to become famous in the media field. Politicking and populism is not something that they rule, but simply zarulivaem.

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