About liberal nits on Snob


Now read this topic here www.snob.ru/profile/blog/9402/29967

Here is what they write our dear liberals

1 — Traitors like Suvorov saved the country from hell mode, or all of them shot

2 — Vlasov, in fact, too, was a freedom fighter and European values

3 — The Nazi regime in Germany was better than Stalin's regime, concentration camps were better than the Gulags

4 — It would be nice to us that the Nazis occupied for 20-30 years

5 — Well, in extreme cases, for 30 years the Americans

6 — about the meat grinder and stuff as always, tens of thousands of civilians killed in the basement gebeshnikami

Where such filth taken only? The question arises.

However, if you notice, most are no longer living in the former Soviet Union, or settled in the United States or in England, and poured out his story shit, ancestors, and dream of highways in Moscow (for it was the goal of Hitler (no I'm not lying, and it's about there), we build good highways.

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