About martial gold donkeys. Americans save up for the army, but not in politics

3rd January, President Barack Hussein-Huseynovich Barack Obama unveiled a defense strategy: The United Countries of America should focus in the Asia-Pacific region in order to "balance the growing power of China." A 5th promised to reduce the portion of the defense budget by $ 450 billion to say: army become more economical. More than just a shrinking army troops started to land warfare. Have become the main force ships and bombers. In truth, the experience of the occupation — in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq — justified: unchanged combat actions cost — and losses, and expenses (including insurance payments: a mercenary army can not do without them) — much more expensive than even the high-precision technology.

Savings as a need. For nearly half a century, Americans consume far more than they can. Each new president promises to reduce the lack of balance. And Obama promised reduction of about 1/33 available at the time of the municipal debt (and almost 1/100 of the total debt of the country, businesses and households).

But for a long time is clear: only conquered land, where he was a soldier's boots. As can be seen, it is necessary to find a substitute for the infantry — either to accept the fact that the activities of other armed forces will be a little more successful and popular than the raid mobs. Website "However," has already reported: CAH hard arming less secular Arab country, which inevitably will lead their implementation as cannon fodder, stripping the area where the fighting technique suppressed South American humanitarian bombing.

But only rely on allies itself little nekompitentno. At least since — as noted by commentators on the website — Arab Islamists have limited their own interests. It is unlikely that the Americans do not have a spare occupying forces.

The same commentators point to the significant south american mobilization reserve. The country has more than enough poor people willing to engage in the work of the armed forces. But military qualification depends not so much on the level of pay, how much of the length of training. Politics is the WGA so active that the need for occupants can appear suddenly.

Yet reserve in CAH is already there. Yet Philip Amintovich Argead — conqueror over Greece, the father of Alexander the Great — taught donkey, laden with gold, takes any fortress. Well, our Boris Berezovsky perfectly learned the rule: there is no need to privatize the company, if one can restrict the privatization of its management.

Gold today is not in vogue. In most applications, it will replace the product of the Federal reserve system MUH. It can be released in a quantity formally accordingly is not something that the donkey and elephant herd with a full load.

However, the issue of unsecured money means inflation — a general rise in prices. Inflation — a simple form of taxation of all people. But uneven: the closer to the source of human exchange flow, the more real benefits he can get for their money before the price increase. Inflation busting first ordinary and at the expense of high-enriched. First, of course, economic and political leaders themselves MUH. But at least some, and those whom they feed directly.

Because at south american bribery many politicians are willing and gratifying. After that subordinate the interests of the whole country of their own employers. And the new order, corresponding to these interests, support is not the occupiers, and the power structures of the country itself, normally created to reflect the anger and instead of subordinates aggressors.

If someone is municipal politicians (as taught Rendolfovich Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, a politician thinks about the next elections, and municipal — on subsequent generations), it is possible to remove an abundance of different methods.

For example, in Iraq in 2003, Saddam himself got not Khuseinovich Tikriti, and his generals. In Libya, in 2011, first brought from Egypt (where have orchestrated coup) herd Islamist militants and announced their local insurgents bombed six months later (though not in the main with the American aircraft, and the forces of the Allies — but high-precision instrument supplied Americans: English and French supplies were exhausted in a couple of months of combat sorties) all these fighters who resisted, then bribed the general, commander of the defense of the capital …

One can do without direct violence. In the book of Gene Sharp's "From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual framework of liberation" for information about two hundred steps that could throw with the mandatory implementation of any democratic government by several thousand activists. Specifically democratic: the real dictatorship put to rest the first to apply the same sample recipes Sharpe. But the true Teran — like the Arab monarchs, from the moment armed by the Yankees — in most cases are on the side of the SGA. Rare same exceptions — like North Korea — Americans do not even run the risk of touching. Moreover, uniformly authoritarian rulers also just kicking off in style maneuvers Sharpe: Look for at least Uzbekistan and Belarus, which have been organized even open anti-state enforcement actions. But indicative of the intellectual to the throne Akaevich Askar Akayev — the famous physicist, President of Kyrgyzstan — toppled without the tiniest of labor (another thing is that the fruits of revolution the Americans were not able to fully use: in the case has entered the local clans and bullies, so that the President then has suddenly become comparable close to neutrality Kurmanbek Bakiyev, and is not associated with SGA is not the first year Sharshenbaevich Felix Kulov).

The development, described by Sharpe, already used in almost all countries — usually with the ever-awesome (for WGA) result. Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Tunisia and Egypt — all done by a single scheme, only the coloring of different banners. That's only in Libya was a failure — it was necessary to operate openly. Well, as long as Syria and successfully fighting off the insurgents and their supporters from the Arab League. But the overall process is efficient. A separate woes can be fixed, set on nepokorlivogo neighbors. The same in Syria significantly strained relations not only with Israel, and Turkey.

The cost of a coup by the method of Sharpe's even less than vsepolnotsennuyu purchasing managers countries. And they have their own sources of income, and their perceptions about the abilities of their growth. And to bring out a crowd of a dozen or so thousand people do not necessarily pay all the polls. Pretty raskormit dozen other leaders — and those strictly according to the instructions would entail him all the flock.

Moreover, even if in the end of yet another rebellion power grab is not the one who counted on the puppeteers (as happened in Kyrgyzstan), it does not hurt very muh. It is not the first decade of their main export product — inconstancy. To assure whole rest of the world to invest free funds are not in their own improvement and sustenance in the Yankees need to do at least some other attachments, very risky. And this is not a sin and diversify costs. Part of the funds, seeking shelter in the SGA of the world's problems one can invest in new aircraft carriers and cruise missiles, and some — in the arms of comfort to maneuver, and some — in the brains of waterlogging wage activists (and with them — and possible accomplices shares disobedience), and some — in the training of terrorists …

Obama can simulate limit municipal spending. Municipal appetite of not less of. And South American zagrebistye handle is not shortened in conjunction with the Army uniform: they are, as before, get out of the sleeves to the elbow, only to rummage around in other people&
#39;s pockets.

Army Country United States — not only those who strolls under their banners in their uniform. It is also "the cavalry of St. George" (this warrior on a stallion — the patron of the UK — for a long time been struck on the coins). And this horse wins the politicians and agitators.

Anyone who has personal income and fun to benefit citizens across the country, anyone who presents themselves for the benefit of citizens and the country just to follow the advertised zabugornom nightingales standards, anyone who is willing to believe in the first occurrence of a guru, anyone who does not cut eye phrase "let not better — if only other way "- a fighter or very little army reservist MUH.

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