About the film I Serve the Russian Union on NTV

Pochetaemye readers! I'll be brief. In the broadcasting NTV, as found on June 22 is inserted movie "I serve the Russian Union".

Inserted in a prominent place — immediately after the evening news.

This means that day Russian war began majestically on the federal channel to millions of viewers at first show (19.00), as President Vladimir Putin lays down a wreath at the never-ending fire. And right after (19.30) — movie how bad security forces and secret police, the predecessors of the KGB and FSB, at first put their camp intellectuals for refusing to engage in sexual activity with LP Beria, then they try to rape. Then our internal troops in a panic throw everything and flee from the Nazis, and in the end — when the Nazis obsessed intellectuals and criminals — our internal troops vorachivayutsya polls and shoot everyone who defended their homeland.

It has already happened, and is absolutely not so long ago — for a day of victory. One to one. Some people with NTV, whose identity remained unclear, has prepared the viewers in general and the management of the country and it is a gift in the form of the film "4 day or in May."

Then we'll have time to make noise, filth and taken off the air.

But, as we warned — again they come through. They are not even very afraid.

Because at the moment we need to do more. Fortunately, we have a bit more time.

Necessary not easy to achieve, that is one more filth was taken off the air. We need to do so that those who put all this filth in our broadcast television channels, it could no longer do.

Help us, please. Disseminate information about what exactly we are going to show you how to wider, taller and more.

Our task, at least — once again attempt to fight off the bad things get to the screens on the sacred day.

But even necessary to publicize the names and positions of those who are already in the second time trying to shit all of us in mind.

To them more close to the TV set were not allowed.

Thank you.

PS For appeals to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation: http://mkrf.ru/ — the "Internet reception." Closely read the rules — anonymous is not accepted. But because we have nothing to hide. The address for letters: info@mkrf.ru

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