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A feeling that our developers of military equipment and arms a little fun of their foreign counterparts. In terms of titles they are creating art. Here in Germany there is a tank "Leopard." In Israel — "Merkava" (chariots). America has a tank "Abrams" in France, "Leclerc", both in honor of the famous generals. And we have — the T-72B "Slingshot". In honor of the slingshot. It is not clear why, but it is clear that the OIO could only be born in us.

Or, for example, take the Americans and their self-propelled howitzer called "Paladin". And his English is called "Archer" (Archer). All the way through. Here our approach and say, look here. That is self-propelled howitzers 2S1 "Carnation" 2S3 "Acacia", self-propelled mortar 2S4 "Tulip" and long-range self-propelled gun 2S5 "Hyacinth" and 2S7 "Pion" capable of firing nuclear missiles. Sniff, please bouquet.

The Americans take and call their anti-tank guided missile "Dragon". And the other is called "Shilleyla" (baton). All logical. Here our approach and say, but take a look at this. That's anti-tank missiles 9M14M "Baby", 9M123 "Chrysanthemum" and anti-tank missiles "Metis" with night sight "mulatto." And so that you become quite incomprehensible and frightening, we still had a rocket called "edge."

And so that you have more thinking, heavy tank support combat vehicle we called the "frame."

And to you noggin spinning, new coastal defense missile system we call "Ball."

And to you stupid smile on turnips formed our world's most powerful 30-barrel-propelled flamethrower called TOS-1 "Pinocchio".
And to you right now is taken away in the loony bin — our barrel-attached grenade launcher GP-30 is called "Obuvka."

From the latter, even I, a person familiar, ohrenevayu …

upd And if that, then there is still a 82-mm automatic mortar 2B9 "Cornflower" company mortar 2B14 "tray", mortar 2S12 "Sani" intercontinental ballistic missile "Courier" with nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missile RT-23 UTTH "Well done "with ten nuclear warheads, nuclear submarine project 705" Lira "Fire control system" Cabbage "container system for rockets" Phantasmagoria ", self-propelled gun" capacitor "and a grenade to grenade launcher 7P24" Foundling. "

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