About unsullied thoughts and hints Zapyataev

Esche for a long time until the Middle Ages the civilized West, weighed down by radiant thoughts of universal love tolerant nations among themselves, tried to bring the fire of euros education and the light of civilization, where he could. Over the last millennium the light of civilization niskolechko not changed by its consequences. Changed only means of delivery uncivilized peoples.

As usual, ordinary Russian savages who had no guns, every last one drove to a local church, stables or large shed, along with the ladies and the children, and lit the fire of education on all four sides. This allowed us to enlighten the right of all the inhabitants of the village or even an entire city district.

With all of this, no animal of horses, cattle and goats do not torture while under the supervision and protection of designated grooms and shepherds, is the prototype of animal rights.

That is so even if the West enamored with the conservation of nature and wildlife. Since then, he has not changed niskolechko own cultural traditions. As everyone is well understood in the modern civilized society, personal level of human culture is defined specifically by its attitude towards the poor animal. But Russia, as usual, so far not been able to appreciate all the cultural depth and breadth of the civilized Europeans.
By the tricky Russian question of why the Crusades to the territories of the West feral Russia has never been epidemics of smallpox, typhoid (a disease of the poor), syphilis and other civilized diseases, as evidenced by archaeological and paleontological research works, Western science says, because the Russian — uncivilized tribes.

And it's true, true. Since no one on this day, it was not possible civilize Russian and their land. As an indisputable argument about Russian uncivilized can give evidence and examples from the history of the natives of the New World, Near East, Central Asia, Australia and India, which have their origin to the Europeans and saksobrittov also did not suffer the aforementioned diseases.

The emergence and spread of syphilis, as you know, the mass started in Europe after the return of the first crusades noble knights and adventurers. Ordinary Russian tied politically incorrect it is quite random phenomenon to the fact that the Crusaders were driven in convoys myriad of domesticated pigs for food. As you know, if you're a real western Knight, a boarding and can not eat.
But, to the disappointment of the majestic knights, Russian and Arabic ladies, if you can not avoid a close acquaintance with the intruder, unblemished crowded thoughts and generous impulses, and sochivshihsya from under armor, just stabbed himself in the chest with a dagger blow. This is purely a lady's gun, which in the men's open mass struggle in heavy saber blades or virtually inapplicable.

The graves Slav and Arab women of that time until now constantly find these personal lifetime idols and can not explain their presence. Since they are not protected the life, and something else for feral and nobody civilized Slav and Arab women while the former is even more valuable.
By the way, oriental daggers as a private sanctuary gun, before unknown to Europeans, and not to apply if you do not take into account the rather short replacement blades for combat in cramped phalanx of the soldiers of Alexander the Great, born in Europe and extensively spread particularly after the first Crusades to the East.

That is why, because of the mass intractability eastern noble savages, and had a highly spiritual knights often used during campaigns pink and appetizing hryushek not for its intended purpose. From that, most likely, even went cross-language idiom "crumpet". And why, by the way, and often massively ignited deprived of female affection knights in the same Russian towns and Arab towns, cleansing their nepokorlivy world, fire education.

In general, as it turns out even later, in a brand new light, dark-haired and red-skinned virgin Comanche squaw and also for some reason is not very keen to intimate contact with Europeans cleanliness. Before meeting with the latter not being ill no epidemics and epizootics. And, in an unusual coincidence, just like the hopelessness of the Russian and arabki, took their own lives by malehankih ritual knives, similar to daggers.
Drilling uncivilized savagery.

That's just not enough pigs from European settlers. And with the bison is not very razvlecheshsya, and you can become a cripple. Therefore, buffalo, Comanches and their Indian ladies got on the full.
In fact the ground.

Here Polish peyzanki not sacrificed himself, and so kept their beloved homeland passionately. At the same time, having given birth to her future aristocratic nobility, worthy and loyal successors own dad, the Knights of the Teutonic Order. And here is a bit further, to the eastern states, had a generous and Teutons, then Livonians, after the fires of Education, get rid of stress only with affordable and safe hryushek. That, apparently, has become widespread and commonplace in the noblest troops.

After that, oblevavshis of similar scenes are very susceptible to wandering lonely inhabitants of the steppes and deserts Near East have introduced a general prohibition on eating pork. Apparently, considering domestic pigs second wives civilized Europeans, and not taking cannibalism.
Prophet Muhammad would not lie.

Thinking about the similarities modern Western scholars meet proudly and at ease: the Russian and the Arabs do not understand anything in this pluralistic development of civilization, and its highest expression of freedom — porn and libido. It is not in vain with the same frenzy vsepostoyanstvom and porn stars that are popular in the West, even in the middle of kids by their names, sizes and preferences, ease and bizarre copulating with horses and hippos.
All available methods.

Under the watchful eyes of the animal rights without borders. This, of course, is the holy cause of development of children and youth of the imagination.

What about thinking startled horses and hippos, modern science has not yet been posted.
About unsullied thoughts can argue endlessly.

For example, in ancient times, Europeans and the rest of the civilized Western nations it is clear that the Russian are the most savage and Zapyataev in the world. Apart from the standard one civilized Europeans tyscha 40 of the second year living in benign and unblemished Russian homes, and through the slot sight watching the Russian women, and the children, for some reason dirty and uncivilized people living in cellars and dugouts, it is confirmed by a simple observation.

Before you start to build a house for himself, each ordinary Russian in the order of mandatory put next to the wood chosen place of settlement bath, in which he lived, and all the construction. Every evening, after a day's work, he was washing and only later went to bed. This justifies imposing though what an enlightened person that ordinary Russian by nature's own so dirty that he even have to wash once a day and often to wash in the bath.
Or is it in civilized countries!

For example, in the fifteenth century, European doctors wrote: "Wash your face, under any circumstances, be as it may happen catarrh or worse vision. Water bath insulated body, but weakens the body and expand the pores. Because they can cause illness and even death. "
A guide to courtesy, published at the end of the eighteenth century («Manuel de civilite», 1782), forbidden to use water for washing, "because it makes a person more susceptible to winter c
old and summer heat to."
That's what a touching concern for the life and health of the whole population of the earth!

Only feral animals and birds, but still not far distant from them nobody civilized Russian, subjected to the health and life of mortal danger, often washing and even steaming.

Devoted fans of the enlightened European and Western life in general should make sure the Department of Internal table book. In contrast to the Russian savages, to reason about their jingoism and, deliberately sabotages the democratic gains "Coca-Cola".

To be fair, I must add that the civilized inhabitants of the West and not in need of similar guidelines and manuals, being themselves rather cultural and hygienic.
For example, Queen Isabella of Castile in Spain in the late fifteenth century was so clean from birth, that his whole life washed only twice. At birth and at day's own marriage.

And the French queen Marie Antoinette, already in the eighteenth century, it is also washed twice in his entire civilized life colorful. The first time was baptized, the second — in front of their democratic penalty.

French ruler Louis XIV de Bourbon, known around the world as an enlightened "Sun King", also washed only twice in his life, well, then, by the advice of an obscure court doctors. By this procedure, painstakingly prepared for the day and the other day democratic set enema. The very same wash led the monarch in such a nightmare and then melancholy that he swore on the Bible, sworn never ever take water treatments. And other civilized recommend.

Of course, not so much luck with the inherent cleanliness. For example, the beautiful ladies of the Middle Ages euros, due to a low birth compared with queens, and, as it should, distinguished by a minimum purity had to wash two or three times a year.
It is clear that it was almost unbearable for a cultural and educated lady, so far about this sadly looked down at us with a majestic paintings of European artists of the time. Which, unfortunately, unable to pass all of the real fragrance and freshness of its own models.

That is why the high decrees of the late Middle Ages throughout Europe, to everyone's glee inhabitants, marked prazdnichkom free beer, ale, rum, vodka and egegey-carnivals were finally abolished public baths, which he had once built tyrannical, it appears, The ancient Romans. Apparently, having taken over this savage custom of the Etruscans, the founders of Rome. And not just built, and tried to exploit these baths.
But it is clear to all that the civilized Western nations have always protested against any use!

And so, if in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, wealthy city dwellers have, unfortunately, washed about once every six months, then in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, they are to everyone's relief, generally finished even take a bath. But before, of course, had to suffer and suffer very.

But the old Romans civilized Europeans retaliated this off. Democratic and culturally, as their accepted.
And it is not in vain Western civilization is considered the most advanced and innovative in the world!

In the gloomy Middle Ages, when the unfortunate Europeans still had to wash, in order to free themselves from the very frequent yearly aqua procedures comfortably ladies and gentlemen began to wear silk undershirt, believing that the louse for the silk is not to cling to, because this tissue is quite slippery. So there was a silk underwear, so as to silk fleas and lice, it turned out, really, do not stick.
What a wonderful flight of European scientific thought!

So, little by little, thanks to the joint efforts of the mental and innate purity of the western inhabitants, began not only cultural progress, which led to the emergence of the highest fashion and perfume, so far I'm surprised whole the rest of the world of Parisian scents reminiscent of the heady scent of narrow medieval streets of Paris, but also the technical progress.

What a stunning self-refinement and perfection of the invention, it gave the whole of human civilization! European krosotki and stylish fashionistas in your own chic, powdered flour dust, wigs, cover up syphilitic alopecia of the head, were made of gold gimmicks to catch fleas.

Yes, specifically those fleas, one of which is still smart enough to bring a gift to the Russian Tsar. What a unique and perfect taste in the choice of a souvenir! As you know, the neighbors brought a gift of what is usually rich. The overflow of emotions, so to speak.

Apparently, because of the eternal bad Russian roads and paths, this royal flea, an excellent gift Europe, had some extra shoe Russian journeyman nicknamed Lefty. At the same time, as usual thanks to Europe, he improved his skills and began to be called a master. European influence on Russian masters came to be seen as a tradition, and later spread everywhere in Russia, due to the highly spiritual local intellectuals, professionals, Besides education, which did not have. Especially in the middle of the twentieth century, allowing Russian engineers of the Red Empire, for example, create their primitive tanks that are nearly unbreakable.
Since they are simply nothing to break.

Giuseppe Maria Crespi. Lady, searching flea

In honor of the renowned flea Kunstkameru built in Russia, and even intended to songs sung by the famous Russian bass Chaliapin, another first-twentieth century.
This is how western culture and technological progress gradually penetrated the area feral Russia.

Role bloholovki in France played a small fork with moving teeth, whiskers, which secular ladies wore on the cervix. Flea traps are not very reliably protected from prying own mistresses of parasites (in the sense of fleas and lice, not fans), but the ladies of that era invented method is to use a flea in the art of flirting. Screaming from the contrived and real flea bites, so they invited the Knights to search for malicious insect.

At that time, unlike the feral of, most erotic fun western guys there were to catch a flea on his beloved. This is it, this refined art of love and seduction, which were born out of the greatest European poetry poems and literary novels so far is unsurpassed!

Even beautiful western ceremony to bestow the ladies with flowers date was coined specifically in order to during at least a little closer to mute the natural smell of healthy bodies burgeoning potential lovers, presumably to stretch the pleasure of communication and not to rush the action.
Oh, Angelica, Marquise of the Angels! ..

In bloholovki (who were also present to the Russian Tsar, and there is, for example, in the Hermitage) put a piece of wool or fur, watered freshest blood. Well, with the freshest catch of human blood problems at the time in enlightened Europe does not appear, the Western civilized females are still excellent and quite often bear fruit, thanks not very reliable bloholovkam and gallant. A high-performance tools for the extraction of blood to the ecstasy of the civilized French people, then exclusive reliable and regular users of the present invention of Dr. Guillotin and Mankind, working every day, and trouble-free.
Just honey stations to store such a perishable product has not yet been invented.

It has later gone wild Russian doctor Pirogov suggested and implemented. Certainly, stole another Western idea, thinking constantly about the ability to replenish the European flea trap.

And amid all this splendor, each time coming to Europe so dirty,
so that once a day to wash, Russian ambassadors and negotiators, sowing confusion and nightmare of their old pagan habits. Yes, and intolerant mocking enlightened Europe.

That's what the Russian ambassador at the court of Louis XIV very politically incorrect wrote to the Russian Tsar: "Their Majesty Louis stinks Aki savage beast." And then they let themselves in for a conversation with the Europeans behaved peacefully, even creepy loaf.

In general, lest these same Russian across Europe have always considered deviants for what they were walking in a bath at least once a month, in other words, often ugly. And with loathing mentioned this "wild custom", especially whipping body "twigs".

European progress gained momentum and invaded everyday life of all peoples, making the sign of purity of European bodies and, more importantly, thoughts all corners of the globe, where he could get. Apart from the Russian Federation, of course. Who needs these forest were savages, which even their own poets expressed completely unambiguous: "Farewell, unwashed Our homeland! .." Apparently, in the sense that the Russian so addicted to their baths that just can not have time to wash your a country dirt roads. Historian P. Bartenev recognizable archaeographer and bibliographer, who told them after the death of a hated Russian officer Lermontov about the unknown and never recorded the poem the poet, would not give to lie.
In general, the stately Russian poets knew better.

And what did happen at that time in Russia, apart from the roads and talk about them fools? Yes, the same as always. Bath in Russia was built by this uncivilized as it the people in the discharge of worship. In Vedic times even existed Spirit baths, Bannik. Not in vain, even the modern church so to this day, and not only sanctifies the structure in all the usual Russian farms — Russian bath. The house, barn, pigsty and sanctifies the barn. A bath — for anything. Apparently, to save its internal and external cleanliness.

In general, as opposed to dirty and unwashed of, the civilized West has flourished in a clean and great spiritual thoughts. At the same time extending it to all continents and all other areas. According to this in Europe are uniformly developed technological progress and high culture with beautiful true stories and legends of the Flying Dutchman, Count Dracula, werewolves and Jack the Ripper.
That of the culture of our homeland, of course, had not.

And at first the nineteenth century, in response to the request of Napoleon discreet about making peace feral Russian hordes, as usual, poured them into a united Europe, capturing the peace of the capital. And, so harder to make fun of the occupied population, were everywhere, where there were only en masse to put the terrible Russian baths. As they did in the days of Alexander Suvorov. With all of this by washing themselves and relentlessly forcing wash civilized inhabitants. In Poland, Austria, Germany and France.

As a result, in many European females are cleanly converted to become so Zapyataev ideas and bodies of feral Russian women that civilized European fleas and lice are virtually extinct.

It was a real European horror, forever stopped the progress of enlightened population.
Russian forgive such can not be.

And so the modern Western science finds any method to return the exhausted aqua procedures western the world into a vast and neotkaznoe bosom of progress and enlightenment of the present.

Perfumers invent beautiful, natural body odors that would dispense with the tiresome washbasins, bathtubs and whirlpool. Couturier, the number of cutters and tailors, are experimenting with new shapes and materials, allowing to escape from parasites and just otkovyrivaem accumulated natural gryazyuka manicured nails.

At some point, civilized Western nations went out and brought cultural and democratic method to settle with fierce Russian Cossacks, as has already been made once with the old Romans. Even if this goal is useful to go instead of soap and washing powder to create only one perfume, deodorants and one-time clothes. As the Western world hard progresses.

In other words, continues to improve.

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