Achilles’ heel

The goddess Thetis, who dwells in the sea, wanted her son Achilles was invulnerable. At night, she tempered it with fire, and the day rubbed into the skin of his son ambrosia. According to another version, Thetis bathed the child in the waters of the river Styx, which flowed into the dungeon of Hades.

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Only unprotected left heel, for which the mother was holding the baby. Tutor of Achilles was smart centaur Chiron, teaching the boy to play the cittern and singing.

Achilles grew fearless, with six years he had himself hunted wild boars and lions. While in Greece, collected brave warriors to the Trojan War. Thetis knew that her son was destined to die in this campaign. She hid Achilles on the island of Skyros in the palace of one of the king, where the guy even changed clothes in a woman.

Seers of ancient Greece knew that the young Achilles has become a member of the battles. They told the leader of Menelaus, where the hidden son of the sea goddess. Then the hero Odysseus and Diomedes dressed in clothing merchant and sailed on Skyros. Difficult task was to find Achilles among the daughters of the king, because he had a girl's appearance.

Crafty Odysseus figured out how to find the son of Thetis. They were placed in the palace expensive jewelry, textiles, swords and daggers. Odysseus ordered the soldiers to make war cry. All the princess, but one scattered. The rest of the girl took a sword with a shield and rushed to the door. So heroes Achilles and found he gladly gave their consent to participate in the Trojan War, where he made a large number of exploits.

Died fearless warrior absurd death: he entered the city of Troy and walked to the palace. At this time, the Trojan prince Paris Apollo persuaded to tend their arrows in the Achilles. One of the arrows pierced the same place on the body is vulnerable youth, his heel. Thus died the most famous and well-known Trojan warrior battle.
Since then, the most vulnerable places in people became known as "The Achilles' heel."

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