Air defense systems «carapace-C1» adopted by the Russian Army

Air defense systems

Catherine Poyarkova. Russian army has adopted anti-aircraft missile and gun system «Carapace-C1», reported in the mon of «Instrument Design Bureau» (Tula), which is a developer and manufacturer of complex.
According to the company, a corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
«ZRPK» Carapace-C1 » — A favorite of the air defense system near the act. It embodies all the provisions developed and realized «PCU» universal concept of building complex near the zenith acts providing an advantage over its peers zabugornom. He became the missing link in the air defense system, with the introduction of the groups which antiaircraft provides them with greater efficiency, «- said in a statement the company.
It is noted that at the moment, «PCU» makes the series of orders for ZRPK «Carapace-C1» for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.
Complex «Carapace-C1» designed to provide a defense of small military and administrative and industrial facilities and areas for strengthening defense groups in reflection massive strikes. According to the company, «Carapace-C1» adds versatility, shooting on the move and simultaneous attack of four targets and other properties.
According to the «PCU» destruction range missiles in the complex is 20 thousand meters, and height — up to 15 thousand meters. «Affected areas cannon armament: range — 200 — 4 thousand meters in height — up to 3 thousand meters,» — reports the company.
«Instrument Design Bureau» — One of the leading design organizations of the defense complex of the Russian Federation, the team which created, mastered in mass production and delivered to the Russian army of more than 140 models of weapons and military equipment.

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