Alexis has become a worldwide sensation!

"Ural alien" engaged people from the FSB

Japanese television "Asahi" stirred up the whole world, she showed a film about an alien found in Russia.
Truthfulness attaches special tape that sensational shots — a common operational picture is taken.
What they do not master made a documentary film, and the usual police. It can not be faked.
Vladimir Bendlin, who led the case "Alexis" in the Japanese film called investigator.
The Japanese did not know that, as they prepared to release the tape on the air, Major Bendlin dismissed.
— Just retired on superannuation, — he told "Life." — Now I finally have some free time to try again to solve this puzzle. Now, I clearly understand that the case with the "alien" was the most significant event in all the years of service. The loss of his remains — an error that does not forgive. Then we parted as suckers …
He remembers that fateful day in minute detail. He called UFO to give them "Alexis." Found on the Internet to the nearest phone Kishtim public organization that deals with issues of UFOs.
Ufologists from Kamensk-Ural profit of the whole delegation. Produced documents saying that we are not charlatans some, we're solid, ufology — the same science.
Seeing "Alexis" zaohali. Got dosimeters were to measure background radiation.
Then he joined a lady who identified herself as a psychic. Reins of the "Alexis" hands and gave the conclusion: it is representative of the civilization of Alpha Centauri, biorobot, abandoned to the energy of contact.
Vladimir Bendlin listened to all this with half an ear:
— I was then, to be honest, it was not up to them. Park your vehicle for work was, investigators have twelve hours a day loaded.
And the keeper of "Alexis" on parole. Ufologists promised by studying, to return the mummy.
— Even the basic act is not made up! — Reproaches himself Bendlin. — Only on tape recorded our conversation. He believed in the word of their leader, the Galina Semenkov. Of course, at that moment Kyshtym dwarf officially in the material evidence was not registered and was like nobody. Who knew that it would lose ufologists. At least that's what they told me on the phone.
Bendlin paused. Thinking about something. Then, as if daring, gave:
— Oh, well, I still have demobilized! Reveal a mystery after those ufologists, before the Japanese came to me suddenly two employees of the FSB. We took a detailed explanation about "Alexis." They were interested in everything: video, photographs, eyewitness testimony. Detailed comrades, they inquired quite seriously.
After the visit, I finally realized that I was right about the mummy of this: it is extremely important for the science and the state! The Federal Security Service does not deal with trifles. I hope that now, "Alexis" in their department listed.


They visited Kishtim twice. The first "landing" landed in the Urals from MTU. The Japanese have interviewed everyone they could. Invited experts have found a place where he was found, "Alexis." Measured radioactivity, magnetic field, amazed: abnormalities such as that in the landing zones UFO
Tamara Prosvirina Jr. with her consent loaded into a hypnotic trance. What she again spoke about the "Alexis", even in the details coincided with what she was saying before. The experts came to the conclusion that nothing Prosvirina composed of himself, so its observations are trustworthy and untrue.
But under hypnosis revealed a single fact that at first no one could explain. Tamara described the facade of a sudden one of the defense research institutions in Yekaterinburg. And she said that "Alexis" is now out there. And even called the name of the scientist who practice it — Zav'yalov.
The Japanese have found her description of the building. There really was enclosed Institute. And it really works a Zav'yalov. But talk to the Japanese, he flatly refused.
— Do not know where my brain has emerged this name — says Tamara. — I know that in any SRI was not. Maybe from dreams. They're after me, "Alexis" were strange. As if someone had color pictures shows. I see everything, everything in minute detail. He also dreams. Alive.


Asked to talk about his dreams Tamara Prosvirina-youngest did not immediately respond:
— I'm afraid I will not believe it. It's like in fairy tales.
— Do not be afraid. We value all the details.
— I saw myself as if from the outside. So that she could touch herself on the shoulder. Everything is exactly — hair style, face. Even barley that jumped eye. Around the world — ours, but as bright as if it washed. Pine trees, grass, flowers, the sky. And here I see "Alexis." He seemed to be floating in the air. Alive — is seen as a tummy pulsating. I looked at him and I can not take his eyes. And for some reason, I clearly know what they want — so I flew with him. I say that I can not, will not work. And he is calling the handle extends. Then I seemed to dissolve into the mist. In the morning, woke up and I feel in the body of an unusual lightness. As if I was not over forty and sixteen. The most striking thing I saw when looked in the mirror barley eye disappeared completely, as if he was not! .. Another oddity in his then later remarked was guessing thoughts mother — Galina Artemevna. I have it non-native, reception. And she, too, "Alexis" in his lifetime seen. My mother still does not ask the question out loud, and I'm starting to respond. Strangely it all … I was afraid of herself. Another was a dream … No, I will not tell!
— Why?
— Yes, it is even more strange. Unexplained.
— What is it inexplicable?
— Yes, I just saw in a dream that two of my friends got married. I woke up, I think: what a crap, they're even strangers to each other. But in addition, each family. The mother said, and she says, well, you never know what dream, throw out of your head. And about a year later I saw them together. And they invited me to the wedding. I have come, and all that is seen in a dream, I saw in reality, exactly. That's how you explain all this?

False witnesses

This summer, good luck trying to Kishtim TV crew from the Japanese "Asahi" — one of the leading TV companies in the world. Deguti producer Masao appointed a $ 200,000 prize for "Alexis." The Japanese paid a hundred dollars for the interview. In the Urals began natural "Gold Rush." Witnesses claimed to have seen "Alexis", recorded in the queue. But reliable data, it seems, did not bring anyone. It was said that he was allegedly on his way out of Kyshtym in Kamensk-stole ufologists "cosmic ray" that on the track "Alexis" ostensibly a monument.
Then there was a rumor that the mummy had seen in the collection of the "new Russian" Kamensk-Uralsk, detained by some criminal case. The acting head of the city department of internal affairs of the city, Alexander Ustinov, at our request personally checked this version. Asked all employees. Then he told us:
— With respect to any criminal proceedings, "Alexis" did not pass.
Deguti Masao yet made a film — it premiered in Japan on August 14. He never solved the riddle of "Alexis." When he left, he said he was confident, "Alexis" — an alien creature. And that his search was discontinued. Lamented that could not understand why the "Russian police" has released a sensational find of the hands …


Until Galina Semenkov, which gave the investigator Bendlin "Alexis", the Japanese TV crew
never made it. We found her in Kamensk-with great difficulty. Telephone in the apartment was turned off, and she came home just before midnight. Galina Ivanovna, learning about the topic of conversation, immediately cut off:
— About the "Alexis" I can not say. His explore.
— Who?
— The competent authorities.
— FSB?
Semenkova nodded.
— So you do not lose it?
— No …
— A result of the research?
— I was told that he will be released when the time comes.
— At least in two words — what is it?
— "Alexis" turned over all view of the world …

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