Alexis was Masha




Scientists have made an analysis of what's left of the famous Kyshtymskoye alien. And did not find signs of alien

August 13, 1996 Alexis captured on videotape investigator Vladimir Bendlin.

It was a girl

Many would like to believe that terrible 25-centimeter mummy found in the summer of 1996 in the village of Kaolin (near Kishtim, north of Chelyabinsk region) belongs to an alien — Alexis, as it was then called. However, experts of the Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, provided they have studied samples of DNA isolated earthly man.

In an official report says: "We have proved that Kyshtymskiy alien — human infant born prematurely with multiple developmental disabilities. In addition, analysis of the DNA that is not a boy, and girl. Found only in the blood female X chromosome. "

So, Alexis should be called Masha. And it came to light is not on another planet, but on Earth. End of sensation and sad legend of the deceased tiny alien? Hardly. After all, the Institute examined the mummy itself not as a piece of cloth, in which she was wrapped. And, the DNA from the blood stains left on it.

Found in a cemetery

How did the mummy and why was Alexis? The main role in this story played three earthling: mentally sick old lady Tamara Prosvirina, a resident of the village of Kaolin, Vladimir NURTDINOV, a suspect in the theft of copper wire, and the police department investigator Kyshtymskoye Vladimir Bendlin, mated Nurtdinova.

At the end of July 1996 the thief entered the apartment of the wires taken away in a psychiatric hospital and took Tamara Prosvirina there is tiny corpse wrapped in a rag. In fact, Mr NURTDINOV and was the author of sensation — the first "realized" that the creature — an alien. And carried away in the hope of profitable to sell. Pat dry it in the sun, and then hid in the garage.

In August 1996, the kidnapper leads and described the corpse mummies investigator Bendlin. He became interested in, and removed the mummy started his own informal investigation, taking as a basis the alien version Nurtdinova. Then began the mystic, who was involved solely in words.

Vladimir Bendlin, in fact, became the godfather of "alien."

Tamara Prosvirina interrogated in a mental hospital told that they had found the creature in the cemetery, buried his head in the ground, but still alive. Brought home, named Alexis, her little son, and began to feed condensed milk and candy. Daughter-Prosvirina, too, Tamara, told investigators that she had seen feeding and heard Alexis while whistling and singled out some liquid.

Prosvirina Sr. eventually taken to a psychiatric hospital. And supposedly from left unattended alien died. Just something strange happens: Prosvirina then-youngest did not tell anyone about the "little son" of his mother-in did not come to visit him and feed. Alexis did not notice the living and the doctors, pick up the old lady out of the apartment. But his corpse immediately came to be there NURTDINOV.

I think so: the mummy was, in fact. But I do not believe that she was alive.

Where's the corpse?

Doctors raised Bendlin to the investigation, were dealing with a mummy — very dried and gnarled, with lost internal organs. Their first reaction was quite reasonable — a victim of premature birth, pregnancy from 20 to 24 weeks. And only then, when the "experts" were asked to look closely to determine whether the alien is not it all the same, they have begun to doubt.

Over time, doubts disappeared completely, at least in the majority of "experts" in the years to connect to the "research" Kyshtymskoye dwarf. They thought he was just an alien. And resented any other assumption. Although the study-that there was nothing. I quickly took the corpse Bendlin came from Moscow ufologists and promised to let him know when everything will become clear. And fooled — not given, disappeared along with trupikom. So then, in 1996, and failed to analyze its DNA. Now, however, scientists had to be content with only a cloth.

Vladimir Lagowski. April 23, 2004

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