Aliens landed on Lake Baikal




Employees of the Baikal-Lena Reserve, who spent most of their time on the lap of Baikal nature, often face a variety of inexplicable phenomena, sometimes causing real terror.

Night. Tent. Absolute silence. And suddenly — a terrible screeching or screaming unknown birds.

And sometimes, in a clear day and go to some researchers see the cape and there is, then what a few years can not in themselves to come and everyone is thinking: what was it?

Stray crop circles

Viktor Stepanenko, head of the environmental education of the Baikal-Lena Reserve, said, "CM Number one" of the mysterious phenomenon, the answer to which he was only this year — ten years after the phenomenon presented itself to his eyes.

Beginning of the 90s. We reserve staff then still had the opportunity to fly a helicopter. And Stepanenko colleagues went to the Cape Large Solontsovy.

Viktor did not sleep on the road, and beheld the beauty of Baikal nature, looking out the window.

On approaching the cape, he noticed something strange. On the Big Solontsovaya a small steppe — between Lake Baikal and litters. Absolutely level surface. The vegetation there is very poor. The grass is low, the flowers bloom almost the earth itself.

And in this place, where the grass does not stand out, Stepanenko saw the ring of regular shape, but different diameters — from 3.2 to 50 meters. These rings stand out in bright green.

When the reserve staff landed at the Cape, and came to this place, you will not notice anything unusual — rings were poorly visible.

But it took a few days, and this phenomenon has become quite prominent.

In the area burned grass in July and becomes brown. In the outline of the Rings is the grass disappeared altogether, and there were clear black circles.

Versions of the staff of the reserve on this subject were varied. They are constantly discussing what he saw, and rumors about the strangeness, perpetrated on the Big Solontsovaya, reached the UFO.

Ufologists came to the Cape and decided that this is nothing like a UFO landing site. Some "experts Skeet" came to a different conclusion: thus supposedly can manifest powerful energy output channels.

Ufologists spent on alkaline rituals — energize energy extraterrestrial origin and left, and the mystery remains.

Stepanenko decided to approach the subject from a research point of view and made a kind of experiment. Put it on the outer side of one of the rings of the peg, and the following year came to the Cape and checked — peg is inside the ring.

The experiment did not give a clue but only added more mystery — it turned out that the ring roam.

The last few years, Viktor never been to the Cape, but do not forget about the rings. This year, he casually talked about it with botanist Stepantsova Hope Nature Reserve, and she smiled and said Stepanenko, the rings form a mycelium.

Too many mushrooms grow in circles, which are also called witches ring.

Specialist mycologists in the reserve is not, and what type of fungus grows on the Cape so convoluted way, is not known.

Viktor came to the conclusion that the rings stand out because the grass that grew on the site of the mycelium, was in a more advantageous terms and bright green with faded against the background of other vegetation.

Moreover, such a juicy grass was more attractive to animals. Red deer, roe deer, hares, it eats away, and gets naked path.

Plate over the dead

Legends associated with flying saucers, Baikal is a great deal. Reserve officers will gather in the evening at the campfire and start to tell scary stories about how the divers went down into the lake and saw the people there two meters tall, or how bright beam paralyzed hunters in the night forest.

After a few days of these evenings in a row any bright light and a strange noise coming perceived as aliens.

Once a group of experts of the Baikal-Lena Reserve went to the Cape to Cape Solontsovaya Pokoiniki to bring back a desk for researcher Seeds Ustinov.

Viktor Stepanenko said that the more correct to call this cape late, but it is marked on the maps just like a corpse, and this, too, is associated in legend. According to one, the entire population of Cape sturgeon somehow poisoned and died.

Here's profits protected people on this mysterious cape and linger — long drinking tea. Zasobiralis already dark. Steel shipping table in the boat and saw a blindingly bright light.

All alert: Do not flying saucer? In the group there was one girl who was particularly interested in this. Stepanenko took the binoculars and looked, and shouted, "Plate" The girl wanted to grab the binoculars, but the men, passing it to each other, watched and wondered, "Wow, What a tremendous!"

In the end, binoculars yet fallen into the hands young lady, and what was her disappointment when she saw a UFO instead of a regular tractor. There was a full moon and its light reflected from the mirror of the tractor, blinded.

In the Irkutsk region is an ancient observatory

The most mysterious cape on Lake Baikal — Ryty — a holy place where women can not go.

Most sightings of UFOs over Glorious sea connected with this cape. Rumor has it that there is real alien ships — where they regularly sit down and take off from there.

There is a version that the Cape is a kind of a gas station for a UFO. They are fueled by the energy earthlings there unknown and go traveling through the universe.

Earlier ufologists regularly visited Cape Ryty — taking in the reserve special permission.

Ryty — the first reserve in Russia. For a long time it was impossible to hunt, pick flowers. Tolerated only winter grazing. So now the Cape preserved plants that have long disappeared from the face of other Baikal steppe.

Viktor Stepanenko, as a scientist, in connection with the aliens Rytogo believes. However, he does not deny that the place is completely inexplicable. He has a secret which has not yet been studied.

On the Cape is a whole system of stone structures that resemble English Stone-henge.

A Stone-henge, as we know, this is not only an ancient solar and lunar calendar but also an accurate model of our solar system.

Some scientists believe that there is a global system of such buildings and built their alleged Atlanteans or early Aryans.

Perhaps the stones, placed in a certain order on the Cape Rytom, and there is an ancient observatory.

Baikal holds many mysteries and puzzles which are not subject to the human mind.

The newspaper "SM Number one" invites its readers to participate in the investigation of unexplained phenomena. Witnesses Baikal miracles can contact the editorial office by phone 29-14-27.

Julia Ulybina


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