Almost like the doctor ordered

The Russians are very close to the recommended medical standards in meat consumption. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, which managed to find RBC daily, the last year for each person had 73.8 kg of meat, while the norm of 75 kg.

After a few years Russia will be able to get closer to the European index, but will not be able to catch up with the U.S., where one resident eats 110 kg per year. But the Russians and should not do, experts say. It is better to expand the diet at the expense of vegetables, milk and fish.

At the end of last year, according to the assessment of the Ministry of Agriculture, based on data from Rosstat, the consumption of meat and meat products in Russia per capita grew by 4.2% compared with 2011 and amounted to 73.8 kg. For ten years, consumption has increased by more than 47%, and since 2000 — by 64%. It will take another two years, and the Russians, according to estimates of the Ministry to reach the recommended medical standards — 75 kg. In 1990, every citizen of the USSR ate an average of 70 kg per year. 

More often than in the past, Russians eat poultry (27.1 kg) and pork (22.9 kg). The consumption of beef was a little more modest — 16.5 kg per year per capita. The share of domestic beef production is 68%, pork — 76%, poultry — 88%.

The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that in 2017, every Russian will eat away at 77.8 kg of meat, and the share of domestic production will increase to 86.6% of the total. And on the Russian poultry producers will be able to provide 99% of the domestic market for pork — 92%.

In comparison, per capita meat consumption in the U.S. is now the order of 110 kg, in the European countries — an average of about 80 kg.

At the same time, the Russian industry experts estimate the volume of meat consumption slightly lower voiced Ministry — about 70 kg per person per year. But in any case, and officials and analysts are unanimous in the assessment of trends: the growing prosperity of Russian citizens allows you to spend more on food, including meat products. "We can clearly see how consumer demand is shifting from frozen imported products on the domestic production of chilled meat", — said the representative of the "Cherkizovo" Alexander Kostikov.

The President of the Russian Meat Union Moushegh Mamikonyan calls not to chase the American norms of consumption. "We did not catch up with them, but should not do that. Russia should focus on European standards — 82-85 kg. This level of consumption will reach Europe in five to seven years, "- said the expert. The Americans in recent years, reducing the consumption of meat by increasing the consumption of vegetables. The Russians also better to stick with the trend, says Mr Mamikonyan. According to him, every person should eat each year from 70 to 100 pounds of meat. Other sources of protein for the Russians can serve as fish, eggs and milk, the expert adds


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