Amur region: more soy, milk and cows

In the two and a half times more soybeans have been producing in the Amur region in the past five years, agriculture in this period, too, began to revive. 
In agriculture, the five-year period summed up the Amur officials. The positive trend observed since 2008. 1,001,300 hectares of cultivated area in the region to date, in 2008, the figure was 37.9% lower. Almost 2.4 times increased the amount of soybean production in the area over the past five years. Today this figure is — 724 thousand tons. At 20 per cent increase in milk production, as in the past, it was necessary — 170,600 tons, meat production increased by -10 per cent to — 47 600 tons. At 12,000 units over the past five years has increased the number of cattle.
For the last time, paid off the earlier selection of farms such breeds as the Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford. Even in the most severe frosts are now producers of milk on the keeping of livestock shall be the minimum cost.

During this period, in the Amur region completely updated equipment and agricultural machinery park. 7.8 billion rubles were spent for this purpose.

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