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Today, with urological problems on the part of the face, alas, too many patients. Some of them do not want to spend time in the hospital, or simply do not want to ask for help in the regular clinic. Therefore, the issue of quality of outpatient treatment is quite acute.

On the other hand, in recent years, many hospitals are not as helpless as it was in the early nineties. Improving the economic situation in the country as a whole had an impact on the "general level" of medicine. "General" in quotes because it is not easy to measure this level — but if taken as a baseline view of foreign doctors with which national experts from time to time occur at numerous symposia and conferences, in Russia for a long time, there are health centers that are superior to the Western Hospital not only in terms of equipment. After all, the purchase of equipment not the most difficult task. It is much more difficult to find and train the staff to organize the healing process, to make sure that it was convenient to everything — the patient, the doctor, clinic support staff.

Office Treatment

One example of a successful solution of all these problems can be considered as the recent opening of the new Department of Urology at the Medical Center of "Medicine". But only at first glance a simple office — doctors themselves prefer to call it "office" and there is a meaning. Tell us more about what's so special about this we asked the doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the Department of Urology MSMSU, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Society of Urology, deputy chief medical specialist in urology Center Office of the President of Russia Dmitry Jurevicha Pushkar.

— You know, our urological office — this is not the clinic. From traditional outpatient it differs in a number of parameters. First — this is the volume of aid. Office — this is the place where the patient visiting specialists, and examine not on the move, and so all that is necessary before surgery is done right here in the office. Moreover, as is traditional manipulation and some minor surgery.

None of the health center does not have enough operational capacity, as in the urology office. For example, we may do a biopsy of the prostate, and the result patient get on the site, histological examination is held in the same place. It takes less than two or three days. We can conduct on-site treatment of urinary incontinence — I mean conservative course that does not require surgical intervention. We can perform thermotherapy of the prostate — that is, we can treat the prostate with a high temperature. This is an effective method of treatment, such as enlarged prostate. Here we can carry out any urodynamic research methods, in a word, our chances are very high.

Of course, the management clinics compares his work with the same clinics abroad, with international standards. So, according to Professor Pushkar, the possibilities of "Medicine" in many ways is superior to the Western Clinic:

— Communicating with Western colleagues, we often hear that "I need to go to the office, and the office is on the other side of town, and it's uncomfortable, especially in the big cities." Of course, ideally, when the urological office is located near the urology clinic. We solved this problem by organizing urological office right in the hospital! It is thus possible to treat and not abuse the time and the forces of the patient, because of "Medicine" is essentially a hospital. Let's say we do some manipulation and after the transfer of the patient on the bed. There it is an hour or two … and quietly goes home! Agree, it is very convenient.

An important group of patients, we also have assumed — is female sexual dysfunction. According to statistics, these women are now about 40%. With regard to urinary incontinence (again, according to statistics) — those more than 50%. Realizing the seriousness of the problem, we have developed a special program (which, by the way, can become a program of support for women in pre-and postnatal period). It is a program of women's urological health, pelvic floor health.

More one unique method — biofeedback or biofeedback. This apparatus, which teaches the patient to exercise the muscles of the perineum, thus forming the connection between "the brain — the bladder." The patient, who is urinating every half hour (frequent urination), we give a rehabilitation program — a special chair that massages and sends a magnetic pulse the muscles of the perineum. Thus, the woman trains her bladder. Through some time urination is already forty minutes, an hour, hour and a half, three, and, in the end, the man is recovering.

Therapy "teleconference"

What people care about in the first place, when he seeks medical help? Patient, forced to seek help, wants to be offered treatment is not only fast and hassle-free, but, most importantly, quality. Professor Pushkar believes that the new office urological fully meets this requirement:

— In our office, take the leading high quality experts of our country, who pay special attention to the patient. Here, patients receive is really an expert assessment of their condition. Also, today, with the use of modern information technologies, we are, if necessary, without any delay, we can refer to the key personnel of the West. We have signed contracts with them that act in such a way that we are able to advise the patient with the best of Western experts in interactive mode. Another important aspect — working on a "one patient — a doctor." The attending physician, to which people came before the operation, which, in fact, this operation has appointed, and will continue to monitor the patient after surgery.

For example, a patient with cancer of the bladder, where the tumor was removed without surgery — and now we do it with the use of high-tech endoscopic techniques and special equipment — continues to be observed. Where? We have the same. In our urology office he performed a cystoscopy. Usually it's pretty traumatic procedure, imagine, because the urethra — a very sensitive organ. And insert a metal object into it (cystoscope) painful. But we're doing it with a soft cystoscope, which absolutely not bother the patient and can be inserted without anesthesia. Such a cystoscope in Moscow today — a rarity. Only 2-3 clinics have similar equipment.

The personal dimension

It turns out that the urological office of "Medicine" — a unique phenomenon. This urological unit, which on one hand is inherently linked with a hospital, and the other is a health center. Professor Pushkar elaborates:

Office — a truly unique structure in urological practice any specialist of the West. It allows the doctor to "close" the process of treatment itself, to make sure that the patient is not lost. Usually, however, is as follows: the patient operate, discharged from the hospital, and he leaves observed in the clinic in the community, to another doctor. This is a huge problem. The other side of this issue — the fact that in the current health care system sick essentially broke. And today every civilized person wants that. Modern man wants an individual approach, communicate with your personal doctor, personalizing the relationship to his condition. The patient must understand that everything that happens to him is important for the doctor, what is more, if you like, paramount.

And one more thing — the ability to apply to related specialists. Of "Medicine" — a full hospital that is a model, by the way, one of the few in our country, in accordance with European standards. It is the largest hospital in Moscow, certified by the international standard ISO
9001:2000, which indicates the appropriate level of care, management of its quality and effectiveness of the clinic. There are some important positions for which these certificates are issued, and one of them — the opportunity at any time to consult with the patient's doctor of any specialty, who is also a highly qualified specialist in his field. Together this gives the most complete picture of the patient's condition and allows you to assign appropriate to him effective treatment.

Medical Center of JSC "Medicine"

Moscow, 2nd Tverskaya Street Lane, 10.


Mon … Fri: 8:00-21:00
Sat: 9:00-18:00
Sun: 9:00-15:00

Information service:

from 7:30 to 20:00 (495) 995-00-33.

Price issue

Health, as we know, is priceless. Talking about the cost of services of "Medicine" DY Pushkar do not hide the fact that it is quite high:

— Yes, our services are designed either to wealthy people, or people that are specifically insured. This is true, and we have to admit it. However, similarly, things worldwide. This is a private medicine, and who wants to take advantage of its opportunities — please!

And the possibilities, as we discovered, very, very much. Note that the organizers of "Medicine" does not rest on their laurels and continue to improve the quality of care, as we see in the case of a unique urological office. The use of innovative technologies, combined with a friendly atmosphere, personal touch, quick diagnosis and effective treatment of return not only health, but also a good mood.

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