An example of practical patriotism. How ordinary people to restore the monument in the outback. Themselves

Dear readers! We have repeatedly argued that a person who cares about the fate of the country, it would be a good addition to discussions on the internet to do something useful in real life. Educate children and pay taxes — it is certainly true, but not enough. This thought you agreed with you, but what we lack — so it's living examples of such patriotic initiative. One of them describe below.


There is a small town in the Sverdlovsk region of 25 million inhabitants — Nevyansk, the city-factory. His fate is not much different from the fate of a similar company towns across Russia — base, flourishing, stable operation, alteration, fading. In the 79 th year of the Soviet working machine works at its own expense and on their own have erected a monument in the city — "fell for the Soviet motherland." Nice monument, soulful. But as time passed, the factory could have switched to a market footing, uzhalsya to a modest size and forgot about the monument. Episodic redecorating could not overcome the power of time — the monument is slowly but surely dying.

In Moscow rattled parades in Red Square humming installation "Topol-M", roared into the sky strategic bombers, and on the TV show good patriotic films. A monument to the fallen in the outback showered, sprawling and was ready at any moment to fall itself, as once fallen heroes, a feat which he intended to perpetuate.

And no one knew what to do about it. The city did not belong to the monument, and the plant was no longer up to it. He was looked on as a gray-haired, A decorated veteran of the Order — respectfully, but without hope.

And suddenly, just before the next celebration of Victory Day one indifferent person decided to spit on convention and save this monument. At its own expense and within their means. As once the working machine works. Maxim named this man, he is hard worker, founder and head of the firm that provides funeral services and memorials are made.

The team boss backed the idea, the work began. Time was running out before the Victory Day was not much, but had to do enough. As is usually the case, the course of the work plans changed in the direction of increasing complexity. At first they wanted to use the marble, and then decided that if they do, do so, and took granite. But granite is much stronger, and soon there was an unexpected problem — Nevyansk ran drills. I had to go after them in a nearby Tagil — all in the course of work spent 150 drills.

Victory Day approaching, the guys were working from early morning until late at night to 12 people at a time. No one made, no one drove and not frighten punishment, just all understand that it is their own little war. Had nowhere to retreat — back home Nevyansk, own conscience and memory of the heroes who were able to survive in a much more difficult test.

Exactly at 00-30 with 8 to 9 May the work was completed. Time, indifference and bureaucratic red tape have signed the act of unconditional surrender to the tenacity of our guys.

So revived a thread in the connection between generations — from enthusiasts of our time through the factory to the workers of the Soviet war heroes, and then — in so deep that it's frightening to imagine. We all — beads on this thread, tear — and we scatter, sunset each in their own corners and there aimlessly istleem.

Editors note:

In addition to the votes guys, restored the monument, it should be noted that this story demonstrates the fallacy divan position "I am for all the good things, but even if it does a good state." Take up our heroes it, and the monument would inevitably perish. So for us, this is first and foremost a good example of practical patriotism. It is so small efforts, we must strengthen the connection to time, which the author says, because for each of us has our own city, their own conscience and his own memory.

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