An explosion at a shipyard in Togliatti. Video


20.02.12.V foundry Shipyard explosion in Togliatti. Injured three people. According to preliminary data, the plant exploded gas cylinder.

Head of the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Samara region Metelkin Michael said that the scene works MOE staff and lifeguards.

Meanwhile, doctors continue to fight for the life of nine injured in a fire at a private suburban village of the Russian Navy Gorki-25. All the wounded were in serious condition, two — 100 percent of the body burned. The tragedy was on the evening of 19 February 2012, when the workers tried to warm up the gas cylinders with a blowtorch. A series of explosions, two of them died on the spot.

Investigators found that on the eve of the cafe brought new gas cylinders. With their help in preparing bakery bread. According to preliminary data, one of the catering staff tried to warm up frozen in the cold cylinder with a blowtorch, which is not only a gross violation of fire safety, but generally counterintuitive.

Raising a gas burner to the gas cylinder, a bakery worker sparked the first explosion. And then one by one the others have already started to explode balloons, standing nearby.

Source: Lead

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