An hour will fly past Earth asteroid 2: 2013 and 2013, ET EC20

Today, just over an hour (at 16:09 Moscow time) will fly past Earth asteroid 2: more than 100 meters in 2013 and 2013, ET EC20.

March 3 was opened in 2013 to ET, an asteroid with a diameter of about 140 meters. This celestial body reaches the planet on March 9 and the distance from the center of the planet will reach 927,000 kilometers. His flight will take place at 16:09 (Moscow time).

According to information provided by NASA, the asteroid 2013 EC20 was opened on March 7 as part of the project, look for asteroids Catalina Sky Survey. Rough estimates show that the size of the asteroid is about 3-12 meters. His flight can be observed at 6:41 am (Moscow time), the distance to the center of the Earth will be 135,000 kilometers.

Scientists plan to study these objects with the radiosonde.

Today, "we will visit" another celestial body. 2009EM1 asteroid with a diameter of 49 to 100 meters. The distance from the Earth is 18 million miles.

And on March 16 it will be possible to observe flying asteroid 2013 ET11. Its size ranges from 16-49 meters. On April should fly past Earth asteroid, called 2013 EQ4. Bore 2013 EQ4 — from 49 to 160 meters.

The asteroid — a celestial body moving in an orbit around the sun. Compared with the planets asteroids are smaller mass index, irregularly shaped, and the lack of atmosphere. Although, in some cases, they may be satellites. The term "asteroid", which translated from the ancient Greek meaning "star-like", was introduced by William Herschel. The principal difference is the size of the asteroid bodies: asteroids belong to the body, whose diameter is more than 30 meters. If the diameter is less than these parameters, they are called meteoroid.


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