Ancient human ancestors used fire another 1.5 million years ago




Humanoid creatures that lived in southern Africa 1.5 million years ago, already knew how to use fire. To such a sensational conclusion the American and South African researchers from the study of primitive people near Swartkrans in South Africa. Before the start of this fire was dated much later period.

In a study of bones found in the area north of Johannesburg, the researchers used a method of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR). With it, it was found that the bones were exposed to the fire. Perhaps the case of a certificate from an early time of application humanoids fire for their needs.

Of course, the researchers admit, the bones could char during a forest fire or steppe. But usually, the temperature does not exceed 300 degrees Celsius, whereas the flames of the fire chamber or it reaches 600 degrees or more, which was confirmed by EPR.

Prior to this discovery, scientists from the study parking hominids in China believed that the ancient humanoid creatures have learned to wield fire 400 — 250 thousand years ago. Opening in South Africa significantly pushes back thousands of years this important milestone in the development of man.

Scientists can not yet say what type of hominids used fire. This could be either Australopithecus Paranthropus — ancient ancestors "homo erectus" — Homo erectus, which is from the "homo sapiens" is separated thousands of years of evolution.

Battery News, 08.04.2004 9:59
Source: The News-Science

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