Angara residents continue to complain about the bombings


14.05.12.Situatsiyu in Kazachinsko-Lena, Chunsky, Zima and Kuytun regions due to disposal of ammunition considered at a meeting in Parliament Angara.

As noted by MPs in the Legislative Assembly received complaints from residents of areas bordering polygons disposal of ammunition.

People complain about the devastating effects of explosions, their impact on the physical and psychological state of the people, and material damages in the form of collapsing buildings, broken windows, maintenance of drinking water out of the speakers, etc.

The deputies were sent to the Governor of the region's residents and treatment received a letter asking to examine these treatment measures to address emerging issues and to inform the deputies.

According to information announced at the meeting, waste ammunition in these areas is carried out by undermining in 2010. Total utilization is subject to more than 38 tons of ammunition, much of which is located within Kazachinsko-Lena area. In order to develop additional measures to reduce the impact of explosions on people, shelter, animals are held in government interagency meetings on issues of concern related to the destruction of ammunition.

In addition, in areas it was decided to set up working group led by the mayors of the municipalities with the participation of members of municipalities, representatives of the prosecutor, the public. In addition, in the second half of 2012 to the military unit Zima district planned to supply the new installation, by which disposal of ammunition will be without explosions. The work of the executive branch in this direction will continue.

Source: "Baykal24"

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