Anomalous zone will turn into an economic

"The News", 17.08.2002, Moscow, n146, page 3
Vor ufologists took the initiative to establish an area in the east of the polygon on the study of abnormal studies, and with it — a tourist center. This is the famous Novokhopersk tectonic fault zone in the floodplain of the Hopper, which for many years has been the object of attention of ufologists. "We started at the request of military pilots Sts flight school, located next — an abundance of UFOs in the area has become dangerous for their flights — said," Izvestia "Henry silane head of the research expedition" Hopper. "- Recently we experienced there a new recording The equipment developed at the St. Petersburg Institute of Oceanology. "
According to the silane-, summer anomalous zone with its plasmoids and UFOs experienced massive influx of curious: "To me this month in the five people treated all like to see pictures. But we have a special apparatus — what we're shooting, the naked eye can not see" . Tourists discomfort to the UFO, so the idea was born: to declare the area a closed landfill and to build an observatory there. And next — to develop tourism, the benefit here is also famous Hopersky Reserve. According to the silane-, idea supported by Mayor Valentin Novokhopersk LIMAK. The development of tourism in this area may be an appealing idea — the area of the endowment.

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